Monday, April 5, 2010


Our girls had so much fun Sunday hunting for eggs. Hannah wasn't too into hunting this year, so she helped Ava all day.
You can't imagine how long it took us to get this picture of the girls. Ava couldn't concentrate on anything but opening those Easter eggs. She would dump them out and them fill them back up with something else like rocks. Very, very cute!
We also went to some friends' house last night for more egg hunting. Mallorie is still young enough to enjoy hunting eggs and I'm so glad. Sometimes we forget that she's only 8.  I guess because she and Hannah do everything together and are basically the same size I think we forget that sometimes Mallorie isn't quite as grown up as Hannah.
We caught Ava stealing some eggs out of some one else's basket. It was easy hunting!
        She looked so cute. She got to eat a tiny bit of chocolate and crashed after the sugar wore off.
This big egg hunter crashed too. He just couldn't keep up, ha. Just kidding, he enjoyed helping Ava. He also cooked some ribs that were insanely good for Easter lunch.
Anyway, we're on Spring Break and enjoying having a relaxing Monday. Hope your week is nice!

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