Thursday, April 29, 2010

Super Shopper

Ava and I got all prettied up today and actually left the house for a few hours. We didn't do much, just ran to my favorite stores, just to browse. I ended up buying some popsicle forms for us to make our own frozen treats for the summer. Hannah and Mallorie were so excited when they found out. I can't wait to try out crazy flavors and frozen mushed fruit! Yum!!
We also hit up my other favorite girly shop, Mulberry Cottage. Oh how I could live in there! I want everything every time I go in. I resisted the urges I felt to spend, spend, spend. I remembered I had a coupon from them to use this month for my birthday. I'll go back tomorrow. I already know what I'm buying. I'll show the grand prize tomorrow. It's so cute it hurts. Squeeee!!
I took this picture as we were leaving the store. Ava isn't allowed to walk on her own in my favorite stores because it's a "you break you buy" kind of store. And well, my favorite stores aren't exactly bffs with my wallet. After we got out of the store, she wanted down and fast. She took my bag and just went on her merry way back to my car.

Don't you just love the little knitted poncho? A girlfriend of mine gave it to her with a little matching blanket. SOOOO cute! It matches her eyes and just looks so cute.

This is reason #657 I love having girls! They don't mind going shopping. This girl didn't whine once. She did want to touch everything, but I can't blame her. I want to touch everything too. So I do. And then I look at the price tag and quickly, and very carefully, put it back down.

It's not that it's so completely unaffordable, but I just always have a bad feeling that if I buy something that I don't really need, then it inevitably will end up broken within the week. It never fails! So why spend the extra money? Like I said, I'll show what I buy tomorrow. I've already decided where it's going to go.

I took my third art class tonight. Usually at about the halfway point of the second hour, I start getting really tired. Not tonight, my class flew by. I hardly got my lesson finished. Since I missed last week it felt like I forgot so much stuff. But I still had a wonderful time. My final class is Saturday and I can hardly wait. This has been such a blessing. I don't know if you remember, but I put my name into a drawing and won for the month of free classes. You can't even imagine how much I've been enjoying my three hours of free time once a week. It's too bad it's so expensive because it's something I would definitely keep doing, but I don't think the price they charge is something I can do while I have three little kids still living at home. Rusty bought me a really neat Art Course book a few years ago for Christmas and I never really used it for anything other than something hard to write on, but now I may pull it out, dust it off and go through it to learn more. I thought I was a decent artist before, but this has greatly opened my eyes! Such fun!!

I booked mine and the girls' flights to Texas for summer. We're staying three weeks! I wish it could be more. I wish we could just move back. It always hurts to leave, so I'm already dreading that, but I know we'll have a wonderful time while we're there. Plus, Rusty will meet us there and take some vacation time so he and I can celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Can you believe that??? 10 YEARS. I don't know how I feel about that. It feels like we have been together forever, literally. He is my bestest friend in all the world. We fight and disagree, but nothing we can't get through. We've worked really hard and will always continue to do so. Hopefully we'll get to do something really fun for our anniversary this year. We always planned on going to Hawaii for our 10 year, but plans have changed. I'll settle for dinner and a movie, ha! Just some sort of date would be nice.

We made the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon toast this morning(only we used less everything). Not bad, but I still prefer my way. Soft bread underneath crunchy caramelized sugar on top. Oh dear! I just realized why I'm not thin. Oh well.
Alright, I better go to bed. I've been staying up too late again and am quite worthless the next morning. I hope you have a nice Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Aww, that picture of Ava is beyond adorable. I've never heard of Mulberry Cottage, but I am intrigued now. Wow ten years, really? That's so incredible!

Anonymous said...

Awww...Ava is a seasoned shopper already. Hooray. Are the girls ready to go to the beach? Next week is just around the corner! Love the blog. Thanks!! Love MOM