Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy Bees

Believe it or not, I really love blogging. I just got a bit side-tracked recently, but I'm back now. At least for the next few weeks. I have another huge project right around the corner and will probably become side-tracked again. BUT...I will return to normal soon. Pinky promise!!

My reason for bloglackingness most recently was for my first time to sale my crosses. My friend and I rented a booth at the carnival and she sold her beautiful items while I sold mine. We'd never sold anything more than just to friends and family out of our own homes, so this was a giant step out there for both of us! We did very well. Slow at times, but at the end of the night everything was picked over and that made us both feel great.

This was Merdie's table. She's so gifted! By the time I got around to shopping for my girls some cute hair stuff, my favorites were gone. They still got some awesome stuff and picked out things I was surprised by. Hannah actually bought a hair barette. You should know she hasn't worn one in several years. She's not the girliest of girls.
These are my little crosses/magnets. They're so tiny and cute. I only had three remaining at the end of the night, so I was pretty happy with that.
Another one of Merdie's products. The cuteness was oozing out of it! Love the cup and saucer alone, but the flower on top just made it pop! Perfect for a Mother's Day gift.
For some reason I didn't get a picture of my entire table, but here is a little slice of it. The button flowers were, and still are some of my favorite things. My big crosses sold pretty good, but I had to lower my prices before they started to move. Lesson learned for next time.
Anyway, we had a lot of fun. We worked really hard and were exhausted at the end of it all.

Hannah and Mallorie have been huge helps throughout it all. At the carnival they had so much fun playing and running around.

Believe or not, I do cut my kids' hair, we're just trying to grow out it out right now and it's at an akward stage and like I said earlier, she's not very girly, so I can't get her to wear pretty hair stuff in her hair very often.
These girls are so ready for summer vacation. So is their mother.. I've been checking flights bound for Texas for days and I think I've finally come across some. Hopefully they'll be booked by the end of the week!

I don't know if you read with your kids very often or if you like humerous stories, but we've been reading this series called Wayside School. The funniest thing I've ever read. Hannah and Mallorie beg for more chapters to be read, which is huge with them. Every chapter we go through I have to stop to laugh, and what's even funnier to me is that they get these dry jokes that you have to be listening for. They can't wait to read every night!

Two weeks ago I lost my debit card. Well, I kind of did. You see, Ava is obsessed with my wallet. To the point where I have to hide it from her when I pay or she'll start screaming for it in the middle of the store. So, while at home that week, she got it out of my purse. (I know what you're all thinking...why did I have it within her reach? I just did, okay. I lose for Mom of the year.)

Anyway, without my knowledge, she got out all of my cards. (She never goes for the cash or my driver's liscense, smart girl.) I proceeded to follow her into her room later that day and started finding a few of my cards scattered around. One of my credit cards was under her crib. One was in the hallway under some dirty clothes. I knew it was going to get ugly. I found every single card except my debit card. The one I use. Of course I started thinking that maybe I left it somewhere and Ava hadn't gotten it out at all.

I went all week without it. It was sort of like going without peanut in a peanut butter jelly sandwich. Just weird. And at the same time, a very humbling week. I didn't shop once. I didn't realize how often I run to Target or, well, anywhere. I apparently like to shop. But you didn't hear that from me.

Well, to make a long story longer, I finally went to the bank last week out of sheer desperation and ordered a new card. Got it in the mail yesterday. Found my old card yesterday. &*%^#>. It was in Hannah and Mallorie's room. Right next to the door. In a bag. %^#&*#>. Don't ask me what that word would be. I don't know, it's so bad it doesn't represent a bad word you've ever heard.

Point is, I knew it was going to happen like that. I also knew I would find it while Rusty was home. Just so he could see what an idiot bad mother I am. He saw. I felt like an idiot. Oh well, atleast now I have an awesome and pretty new shiny red card that's just burning to be activated. See you in the morning Tarjay.

Just wanting to put a little update on what Ava's doing right now, because this blog is just as much a place for me to keep my memories as it is for my dorky stories. I officially cannot believe she is almost 15 months old. I say that every month? Well. It's true.

  • She weighs as whole 22.6 lbs. I weighed her today, she's kinda teensy.

  • She follows directions pretty well, and when she wants to. It makes us crack up how she already tries to disobey us or see what our reaction will be when she does something she knows not to. We shouldn't laugh.

  • She sings and dances all the time. Dancing consists of flailing wildly back in forth while in my arms or spinning in circles in the floor. Singing is just a constant noise coming from her. She grabs a microphone anytime one is within arms reach. My heart almost bursts every time she does this.

  • My name is now Daddy. Rusty's name is Daddy. Mallorie and Hannah are both Hannah. We are working on this. She says Momma perfectly, but calls me Daddy all the time. Do I laugh? no.

  • When she wants something, she cheeses at us as big as she can. Sometimes she shakes she smiles so hard. Trying much?

  • Her top two molars broke through this last weekend. That explains so much moodiness!

  • Her favorite foods are spaghetti, spaghetti, and strawberries. Occassionally she'll eat something else, but only a few bites. She does not like milk very much, but loves tea and water. She likes loves dipping chips in salsa and eating it.

  • She loves to make everyone laugh. She's very strong willed, but a clown at the same time.

  • I've noticed this last week that she grunts instead of talking quite a bit. I've heard a lot of horror stories about youngest children who don't talk for a long time because they don't have to since their older siblings talk for them. So instead, they grunt or point to get what they want. I won't be doing that, I hope. I say the word several times everytime she grunts or points so she'll start associating the word with the thing she wants. Sometimes, if I know she knows the word, like drink or up, I'll make her say it before I'll give it to her. Mean? Nah, just can't deal with grunting and whining. Hannah and Mallorie were really great talkers very early and not that I think Ava has to be just like them, but I know she's capable of saying words and I don't want to baby her so much that she doesn't talk until she's 7.  
We've been having so much fun with her and are so glad she's around. And she loves intensely! Hannah and Mallorie are wild about her and her them. I am so thankful.

I guess that's all for today. I have an art class to teach today, but the yard guys are supposed to come later and I need to be here to make sure they fix the rose bush that got blown over last week in the wind storm. Hopefully they'll get it figured out without my short supply of broken spanish trying to ask them to please use something on my yard other than the weedeater to trim the bushes and flowers. Geesh. Seriously, I don't like their yard skills. Why am I telling you this? I need to work on filtering myself.

I hope you have the greatest of all Tuesdays.


AmyB said...

I love reading about what Ava's doing because it lets me know what lays around the bend for us! And I love your crosses! I need another one for my kitchen. How much are they? ;)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog!!! H&M are gorgeous!!! I especially love the turquoise/red cross. And your button flowers look great. I'm so glad you were able to participate in the craft fair @ the school. We loved reading today.Ava is one busy little girl. Hugs. MOM