Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Super Sneak Attack Birthday Edition

So the real reason we headed to Texas last week was to surprise my Dad on his 60th birthday. He had NO idea. Here is what we did:
First, my sister and I started planning our trip in December. We found some cheap plane tickets to Tulsa so she could pick us up. Now, mind you there are five of us, so there was no way we were smooshing into her
car. So a week or so before we came, Becky convinced my Dad that she needed to borrow their van to go pick up some furniture in the city. He believed her.
Anyway, we got to Becky's house, stayed the night and headed to Paris the next afternoon. When we get there Becky asks my Dad to help her unload their stuff from the van. We were hunkered down in the back, camera ready, and when he opened the door, he shut it again. Maybe he was scared as to why there was a grown man hiding in the back seat of the van, but thankfully he realized it was just Rusty and didn't beat him up or anything.
Needless to say, he was completely surprised!
He'll probably shoot me for posting this picture, but it just makes my day!

While we were there, Ava decided she loves her grandparents so much. Mom talks to her on the phone so she'll know her voice. Ava definitely snuggled and loved her MiMi.
Speaking of Becky. Can you figure out what this is about??? She made it herself for my parents... (yes, it is slightly disturbing, but please realize she did some cutting and pasting of heads)
While we at Becky's house, the girls had a great time exploring all the new space. Becky just moved here, buying their first home, and it is so pretty. Hannah and Mallorie just had so much fun.
By the way, while we were at Ava's doctor appointment yesterday, I measured Hannah and Mallorie. Hannah is now a full inch taller than Mallorie. She is so proud!

Mallorie doesn't even care. She thinks it's funny.
This next picture is just for me to document what Rusty looks like most of the time when I look at him. His Blackberry is attached to his hand. It may be permanently fused to his skin. Just sayin'.
Oh, and a sweet baker that we love to use from Cozy Cappuccino, made Ava this little cake to destroy for her first birthday at my Mom and Dad's. I loved it. You can't really tell, but she put little butterflies on the sides and everything. Way above and beyond anything I was expecting! Which reminds me, I need to send her a Thank You card.
Anyway, I just wanted to show what a fun time we had with my family surprising the heck out of my Dad for his Happy-a-Day! I don't know if we'll ever be able to top it!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

What a great post & what a surprise! It was all great fun. Adding to the suprise of your visit, Dad didn't know about the BBQ dinner, birthday cake or presents! Aren't we sneaky!!!
Thanks for the wonderful pictures.
By the way, Dad's delicious b-day chocolate cake & Ava's cake were made by Missy at Cozy Cappuccino. Absolutely delicious cakes. Thanks for planning a wonderful event, Sarah & Becky.

AmyB said...

This post makes me happy! How sweet for your dad! I didnt know Becky was in Tulsa; we have some dear friends there who are having a baby this summer! Oh, and I am going to have to steal your cake for Noah's party, if they can make a boy version! :)