Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Wrap-Up

Today was pretty boring. I am still sick, and don't want to go out of the house because then I'd have to put on makeup, or wear something not ugly. So instead, we came home after dropping off Hannah and Mallorie and instead of putting Ava down for her nap, I let her run around and play while I washed dishes and mopped. She did not like it at first, but eventually did pretty well.
That is until I noticed she was eating something. It was rice. It was rice out of the TRASHCAN!!! You see, she's finally tall enough to look into the trashcan. It's not a short one or anything, she's just growing taller all of a sudden. Gross!
I knew she could reach up there, she sometimes pulls paper out of it and leaves it all over the kitchen. I am thinking I am either going to buy a trash can with a lid OR get a small one under the sink.

After her nap, we practiced coloring. And for once she didn't eat the crayon. Yay!

I have to tell you about my Craig's List purchase. I found this rocking chair for $10. I had one for Hannah and Mallorie when they were babies and decided Ava needed one too. She loved it.
Okay, so she didn't really love it, until she figured out that she could rock back and forth in it and climb in and out of it pretty easily. I put her in it today with a book and her blanket and she was so adorable.
She ended up eating some purple crayon.

Purple must taste soo good!
After her bath tonight. She had some airing out time since she has a horrible rash from all the sickies we've had this week. Poor kid. But her attitude has improved so much. She's back to her happy-go-lucky self.
So, it's finally Friday. I am so thankful for that. Rusty's off work and we've got lots of errands to run. This post has been so boring. if you stuck around, thanks!
Have a wonderful day today.

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Anonymous said...

I love this post. Ever want to just pat someone's little cheecks and hug them so much? Ava is just cute, cute, cute. But all the Brown girls are, but there is something about baby/toddler pics!!
Hugs MOM