Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunshine & Smiles

What do you do when it's 80 degrees out and the sun is up an hour later than normal??? Well, in our case you play outside and explore every inch of the yard.
This was the first time Ava got to really explore the yard on her own and she looked all over. She found so many treasures and got her little fingernails dirty. Ahhh, such a good day!
I found Hannah like this. I thouht maybe she fell off of her scooter, but no. She told me she was getting a tan. We've been missing the warmth and the sun. Can you tell?
Mallorie found the most beautiful flower on our Camellia bushes. They're just starting to bloom and they have the most beautiful flowers and buds all over them.
I don't know what it is about this next picture, but I just adore it. All the different colors of spring in it? Maybe. All I know is that I love it.
Ava wasn't too fond of Hannah laying on the cement. She tried reaching out to her...
but Hannah just wouldn't get up. So Ava decided to just give her a big snuggle hug, and believe it or not, that got Hannah right up!
That's our favorite hug. She's just too sweet.

Yesterday we were outside working on my dresser that we were painting and Mallorie went out barefoot and stepped on a bee. It was so sad. I quickly put a baking soda paste on it, but by last night the bottom of her foot was swollen and the red bump ran all the way across the bottom of it. I was a little nervous, but thankfully it just seemed to itch really bad. I put some cortizone cream on it and she was able to go to sleep. Today she just said it itched really bad, but by tonight she quit scratching it so much. So, hopefully it's feeling better. That is one sting I hate to get. Man they hurt!
Mallorie sat on big red ball and Miss Ava just thought it was the most hilarious thing. She kept trying to peek under her skirt to see the ball.
And Poppy, this next picture is just for you. Another one of your little munchkins who LOVES her spaghetti. None of it ended up on the floor, which is miraculous, but it did make it all over her. Bath time was a state of emergency!
All week we are supposed to have gorgeous warm days, so we'll be playing outside a lot. I also bought some plants for the yard today and hopefully the girls and I can plant them one afternoon. The week has already started out great and I'm looking forward to the rest.
Have a great Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous post! Aren't you glad she loves spaghetti!!! Thanks for the update. Hugs MOM

Olson Family said...

JEALOUS of your weather. I'm allergic to Oklahoma and haven't been able to go outside all week. Not that it's 80 and sunny anyway:(
Your kids are so fun and hilarious. Love reading what's happening with yall!