Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Fun

Ava's quite independent when it comes to doing certain tasks on her own. She's independent as long as I am right beside her anyway. Some of the things she likes to do on her own is opening and closing her water bottles, opening the back door, brushing her hair, eating and drinking. And I've recently learned that she likes to dip her own eggs for Easter.
She did a pretty good job. Her fat little hands were all kinds of crazy colors when she was done, but it was so cute watching her try.

I like when I found this picture as I was uploading and realized that she was chewing on a candy wrapper. She loves chewing on metal candy wrappers, something about it must taste or feel good. Silly kid.
I'm sure you can imagine that this was not messy at all.
Hannah and Mallorie were much better at eggs. They are after all, professionals at this point. Hannah's pretty much over hunting eggs. The only thing that makes her possibly want to hunt would be finding money.
After Ava hunted and found three eggs, she was done. So she just took a seat and opened an egg. She's so funny.
Well, it's been so pretty here for the past few days and it's supposed to be chilly and start raining today and tomorrow, so I guess it's time to bring the jackets back out. Grrr. I think I'm ready for the Spring and Summer to just come on already. I've loved having the girls play outside and they can't wait to get out there every afternoon after their homework is done.
Anyway, have a wonderful day.

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