Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pardon Me

Well I got behind on blogging didn't I? We've been so busy and I just let blogging go out the window. I vow to do a better job this week!
Here's a quick recap so that I can get caught up and start on the rest of the "oh-so" important information.
Thursday was the Science Fair at the girls' school. Neither of them won (boohiss), but I really liked their projects. Actually, there were several amazing projects that lost to very unimpressive projects....I'll leave it at that.

At this Science Fair, it gets very crowded and very hot in the cafeteria. The hot part may just be me. The crowds start making me feel anxious and hot so I gotta get out of there! So Ava, Mallorie, and I went out to play. They had such a good time.
Ava loves anyplace where she can just run around. Holding her for any length of time is becoming harder and harder. She's very feisty.
But, she is also very loving. She's just starting to play with other kids and realize that she can steal their toys. She has stepped quite swiftly into toddlerhood. Yikes!
This is the face that I get around 5 times a day. It comes shortly before she puts her head down and cries if she isn't getting what she wants. I wish that I could accurately portray her fits. They are quite humorous. I'll try to catch one soon.
Friday was just another day. The girls went and spent the night with friends and had a wonderful time. Saturday they had an art lesson, so Rusty and I had Ava by herself for a few hours. We took her to Starbucks for a warm milk and I just had to share this picture.
I love it that she naturally has her pinky up. So fancy. Which, by the way, is our favorite thing to say. We always say everything is fancy. I wonder if she's going to be a girly girl when she's bigger?
Sunday was church, like usual. Then we napped and watched movies. Bath time as usual and then bed. We're so boring, but with three kiddos it always feel busy.
Today was boring and normal as well. But then Ava threw a kink in to is and answered a question clear as day. Hannah asked her if she still loved her. Ava turned around and said "Yes" and then shook her head in agreement. Freaked me out. I mean it. I wasn't expecting her to answer her or for it to be so clear. She talks all the time, but usually we can't understand her. Even though she says mostly the same thing every time. Who knows what that silly girl is trying to tell us. We know for sure she says down, this, yum, yes, wawa (water), momma, dadda, hannah, and what sounds like "what's this". She loves brushing her teeth and brushing her own hair. She hates wearing socks, but loves wearing shoes and tries to put them on herself and me all the time. Playing Rusty's guitars are top faves! Oh and one more thing that just makes me melt. She sings. When I was practicing a song the other night, I gave her a microphone and she sang into it. So, so, so precious!

Anyway, I will be back with more interesting things to say tomorrow hopefully. Just tired from the weekend I guess today. We played with the Wii fit tonight and I need to hit the sack. I hope you have a great day today!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...Ava is growing so fast. Thanks so much for the pics; esp. the science fair ones. Hug to all. MiMi

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, forgot this comment .... seems like we have another bathtub pic just like Ava's....right, Hannah? cute, cute, cute!! Love you girls. MiMi