Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Today is Rusty's 28th Birthday, so I need to put it one here. HAPPY-A-DAY RUSTY! The girls and I sang him Happy Birthday tonight as loud as we could. I'm sure our neighbors LOVED it.

Friday Ava and I headed to the park to hang out with Hannah and the rest of the fourth graders at the park. We had such a good time. Especially after we got done eating and finally let poor Ava go play on the swingsets. She was not doing a good job of eating. All she wanted to do was go run around and play.
Her friend Maddy was there to lend a helping hand all day. They were very cute playing together, but Maddy could not understand why Ava couldn't climb up the slides with her.  
Hannah came and played with us for a little while. She was so sweet to Ava. She's always sweet to Ava. Today after school I had to take them with me to the mall to shop for Rusty's birthday presents and she was such a huge help with her. 
Hannah was so much more fun pushing her in the swings than I was. She couldn't quit laughing!
I think I love this next picture. The sun shining down on Ava's face and Hannah smiling in the background. Contentment.
And as Ava and I were getting ready to leave, I hollored at Hannah to snap one more pic. This place under the slides has been the "go to" place for our kids since we started coming here in the first grade. They always end up under the slides digging and building. It made me smile today, that even in the fourth grade they aren't too big to go back to their normal place.
I hope you have a beautiful weekend. We get to enjoy our Spring Break this week and I'll be real honest here and say that I CAN'T Wait! I want to sleep in one morning, head to the beach one morning, do nothing one morning. Yes sir, I have big plans. I think one morning we might go to the matinee movie. Oooo, busy! I am so excited.
Anyway, have a great Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

too, too, cute. Wonderful pics. Happy-a-day Rus! We love you all.