Monday, February 15, 2010

A Valentine's Birthday

It's official. She's one. Her little birthday party was so sweet. We had sweet friends and some sweet, sweet food. I mean it. It was desserts only...they were so yummy.
Ava did so well all evening. She didn't want to go to bed and was having a hard time late last night, but once she finally closed those eyes, she was out!
This was her birthday cake. It was made just like the rainbow cake I made Hannah and Mallorie for their birthday, but I used white cake and red velvet cake for the different layers this time. Oh, and buttercream frosting because the frosting I used last time was just too rich.
I make white cupcakes with pretty little heart sprinkles.
And of course cookies. You know how it seems like when you are getting ready for something big, that something, just something has to go and try to mess it all up? Well, this time it was totally my fault, but I made the royal icing for the cookies last night and was planning on baking and decorating them before I went to bed. My goodness I was tired and ended up just going on to bed. I forgot all about the icing that was sitting in covered little dishes already colored and ready to go. Today when I remembered, I opened them and they smelled so bad!! I use egg white to make them and that's just what they smelled like. Gag.

So I improvised and used the leftover buttercream icing from the cake. Which, by the way, uses 0 eggs.
I really think the cupcakes were good. Ava got a cupcake to eat after we sang her Happy Birthday. She ate every bit of it.
She didn't get messy at all. This is the first time in the history of R&SBrown children that they didn't smear cake and icing from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet. She really liked her cupcake.
I had to share this next picture because it just made us all laugh. My friend Nena gave her this wagon and Mallorie was pulling her around in it. She just looked so funny and her chubby little legs hanging out just had us cracking up!

After opening all of her presents, Ava was so tired. She just laid herself back and rested on teh gift bags. This kid is too funny.
This was my gift to her. I LOVE this bike. I know she can't ride it yet, but it was just too cute to pass up. Her little friend that was there and is just 16 months old got on it and her feet were almost ready to pedal, so maybe she doesn't have too much longer to go.
All in all, Ava had a wonderful birthday. We have such loving and wonderful friends and they treat her like one of their own. What blessings they are.
I hope you have a wonderful day off work today. We're resting and if it's 80 degrees again like it was yesterday I hope we head down to the beach!

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Anonymous said...

Happy-a-day, Ava. Sarah, you made a beautiful b-day cake;Love the tricycle. Thanks so much for the pics!!! Wish we could have been there celebrating but ya'll WERE in our thoughts. Love Mom & Dad