Monday, February 8, 2010

A Different Kind of Riddle

What do you get when you cross weird flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans with a bunch of dare-devil little girls?
Grossed out little dare-devil girls with raunchy stink breath!
I even gave them a, ahem, spit bag to dispose of the nasty jelly beans. I'm glad I did because I don't know if they would have made it to the trash can on a few of the flavors.
Here's how it worked:
Hannah gets a jelly bean. So far she's happy. This should be fun.
Hmmmm..I wonder what flavor she ended up with..
Mmmm. Must be vomit or ear wax, or skunk. Sounds devine!
These girls had so much fun! They even convinced their dad to eat some with them when he got home from work that night. Apparently there is something very wrong with Rusty's taste buds because he couldn't taste them. Trust me, I tasted them and there was nothing yummy about the disturbing flavor they left on your pallet. Yuck.
I hope you have a great week and don't have to eat anything with a taste resembling baby wipes or pencil shavings!


ashley anthony said...

oh, we did this box of jelly beans last year. i am sure we made some similar faces. we also got the harry potter bag of beans and got curtis's nephews to try them out. good thing we were outside that day since they couldn't handle some of them too! good times.

Anonymous said...

UGH! I don't think this is something I would like to do. Brave girls? Cute pics. Love ya MOM

Anonymous said...

Hehe, it's like Harry Potter!