Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time Got Away From Me

So yeah, time got away from me. It's amazing how easily that happens.

Ava and I babysat for some friends this morning. She is an absolutely adorable 4 month old. They had a lot of fun together. Ava just wanted to love on her with big hugs and poking her face. Sadly, Ava hugs very tight and pokes very close to the eye, so I couldn't let her loose on the little munchkin. Thankfully she was extremely laid back and ever so happy to hang out with us.

In this picture, I think Ava is saying "Come on, bite don't have any won't hurt a bit". Or pointing at her awesome kissy cheeks. Either way, she was having a wonderful time getting to hang out with a baby who couldn't beat her up.

I'll be honest though, I don't know if I could ever handle twins. I never had a moment where I wasn't doing something. They were really good too, so imagine colicky twins! Yikes!! I just have a lot of respect for you mommas out there with multiples or two very close together. Hard work is not a strong enough word to describe what it must be like.

Anyway, I have a few pics to share of the past few days. Mallorie has been in this very creative mood lately where she wants to come home from school and do science projects. Yesterday it was vinegar and baking soda. Luckily I got pics. She did it all by herself, so that was a lot of fun

Yes, this is infact Baking soda. She added blue and purple food coloring to it. She wanted red, but said that I was out and purple was pretty.

I made her do it in the sink. I think my landlord would have croaked if he came to inspect the house if we moved out and found purple granite countertops.

Do you see the microwave behind Mallorie. Well, now take a look at the lovely white streak down the front. Interesting story. When Hannah was 3 and Mallorie just a little one year old, they got into the Wite-Out. They painted on our television, the armiore, the table, the microwave. It was everywhere. I don't know how we didn't notice. Anyway, for some reason I was able to get it off of everything except the microwave. So everytime I look at it now, I get a precious reminder of a life long gone. Plus, I realize how old all of my appliances are getting.

And one more pic to lead you out.
Incase you are looking for a good CPA, we know one who works cheap from home:

She's cute, full of hugs and if you're audited, they'll probably let you off easy since a cute little baby did your taxes.

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Anonymous said...

Wonder what is on Ava's mind as she give us that LOOK???? Love MOM