Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is Tooth Growing a Super Power?

I didn't do much today. Spent part of the day with my dear friends and talked about nothing and everything. It was good.

Picked up Hannah and Mallorie from school and I see that Hannah is messing with her teeth. She's got one just barely hanging on. This isn't exciting news to anyone. I know that. But I never even know she has a loose tooth, she just comes home and pulls them out.

When we get home she comes out of the bathroom and shows me this tooth that does not look baby-size to begin with and when I look in her mouth, there is already another tooth popping up where the other tooth just came out. I don't know why, but that amazes me. I remember waiting forever for my teeth to grow back in and Hannah's are already there. Tooth growing under tooth coming out = Tooth Growing Super Powers!

Meanwhile, Mallorie is always wondering why none of her's are loose. I tell her that she's probably done losing teeth and the rest will just stay baby teeth. Oh, I am a meany. She knows I'm kidding. At least I hope she does.

Ava totally figured out that she could stand today. She's been standing for a little while, but always doing it on accident and immediately falling very quickly. Today you could just tell that it clicked. She would clap and try to stand for a long time. She'd try to keep her balance and then squat down from sitting, instead of the normal falling. She was so proud. She held my hand and walked too, so I know it's catching on. I'm not in any rush for her to walk, but it is fun to watch your kid figure things out on their own.

I went into Mallorie & Ava's room this afternoon and went through all of Ava's clothes and found everything that didn't fit anymore and realized she has more clothes than any baby I've ever met. Granted, most of them are now too small, but she was certainly not hurting. I was so blessed to have so many girlfriends that had baby girls right before I did that gave me hand-me-downs...which I just loved! Loved mostly because they were so adorable. Now she's just growing so fast, I'm wondering how fast she'll grow out of her 12 months clothes.

Then I went through Mallorie's shoes to find some that were too small so we could donate them to the Soles for Souls shoe drive for Haiti. What a great way to weed through all of her shoes that are too small so that some other little girl can have them. By the way, she and Hannah wear a 7 in womens. I am in awe of that. I don't know whether I should be worried about this or not, but I guess sharing shoes with your kid can't be that bad. But if she is wearing my size by next year, would it be considered uncool to share shoes with your fourth grader? Because you know, I am all about looking cool. 

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. We don't have school Friday (nannynannybooboo) so we are going to head to Disneyland and have some fun in the sun. Yes, that's right, it's sunny and warm again here. I love that part.

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