Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Gazillion Pictures

What a beautiful weekend we've had. First off, Rusty kept Ava Friday. Hannah, Mallorie and I headed off to Disneyland with some of our girlfriends. We had so much fun. No stroller, riding anything we wanted, running all over the place. So much fun! They tortured me and made me ride Tower of TERROR when we got there that morning. Let's just say I felt like I had had a very strong cup of coffee afterwards. I had the shakes!! But it was great fun.
Then last night I got to go to the movies with some more friends. Rusty just got 100 votes for Husband of the Year award from me. It was just what I needed.

Saturday morning we got up and were getting around and Rusty decided that he did not want to stay around home today. So we decided to try to make it up the mountains. We were so glad we did.
There were a lot of people up there, but we didn't care, it was so pretty. Ava didn't mind it at all. She didn't really play in it so much, but we let her crunch around on it for a little while.
My sweeties!
As usual, we cannot go anywhere without some sort of fighting. This time thankfully, it was just snow. Hannah did end up with a battle scar when one of Rusty's super powerful throws got her right on the cheek, but she smiled and had fun anyway.
Even Ava wasn't safe. She got smacked too. Thankfully Daddy was there to wipe her off.
We were up on an embankment for a quick break from the car and this snow was so deep. We didn't stay here too long, but the girls got to have another war.
Poor Hannah, right in the face.
Mallorie's throws didn't usually hit their intended target, but she didn't care. She was having so much fun.
This man is evil! Right at the camera, er, me.
By the way, Ava stands all the time now. She'll be walking very soon. She almost takes steps all the time. The video camera is charged and ready at a moments notice!
This is another one of those unexplainable phenomenoms about kids. No matter how hot or cold something is, they can handle it. If we're at the beach and it's cold, they are in the water. Same here in the snow. It doesn't bother them the way it does us.
Something funny that I love about Rusty is that he never does anything halfway. At the beach, he just runs and dives into the tip-toeing in for him. Here he just fell right in, not worrying how deep it might be. He's crazy. But it was hilarious!
Great fun!
As reluctant as I am to have my picture taken, I allowed it to happen today. Someday my kids will not have to wonder if I existed during this time of their lives.
Wow Hannah, that sure is a horrible pose. She did this in about 40% of the pictures I took Saturday. Lord help her.
When the sun started to get lower, we decided that we ought to head back down the mountains. So Rusty took Ava to the car and the girls and I decided to walk around a few more minutes to play. They found an innocent little snowman and decided to beat him up.
Poor little guy never stood a chance.
But isn't the sun going down in the background pretty?
In the end, Hannah got in one more good throw.
Mallorie wasn't even suspecting it.
Pow! Right on the shoulder.
Then as we made our way back to the FJ, we had a sweet greeting from Miss Ava who had been honking the horn at us. Cute.
We were all so happy to have a day vacation and get to enjoy the snow and beauty of the mountains. We all decided that if we never get to move back towards family then we have to have a house in the mountains, just so we can get away from it all anytime we want.
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


ashley anthony said...

what is an fj? looks like you all had a blast. where do you go?

Jordan Day said...

I think you guys may live in the coolest place on the planet! Beach, mountains, & Disney.....