Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finally A 11 Month Pic

This morning I took Becky to the airport so she could head back home. It was fun to see her, it had been since her wedding in July! It was just starting to sprinkle when I dropped her off and few hours later it was coming down sideways! The rain today was so unbelievable! I don't know that I've seen rain like that here in LA since we moved here 5 years ago. I am so thankful for it and am even more thankful that my lawn got watered. I am not taking my camera anywhere near the rain though, so I haven't taken very many pictures lately.
11 Months Old

I finally got Ava to sit for a minute for her 11 month picture. She's just too busy these days to sit in her corner on the couch. I also updated her collage that I had going. It's hard to believe we've gone through all of these months. Babies just grow too fast.

A few things she is doing right now:
Eating almost strictly table foods
"Talking" a lot! She's always babbling about something
Says bye
Says and waves Hi
Wears a size 12 months and a size 4 shoe
She smiles at everybody, until they try to hold her and then she freaks out!
She shakes her head yes and no. Mostly no.
Hannah is still her bff.
No walking at all...she stands for longer periods, but doesn't show any interest in walking
Still eating paper, just not as much
Sleeping through the Wakes up around midnight everynight and wants to eat.
She climbs on everything! She's always getting stuck on something and has to be rescued.
She loves when Rusty gets home and loves it when they play wrestle. She whoops 'em all!

The girls and I were drenched when we got home from school today so we all got into our pjs. They did their homework and then watched a movie. It was just so cold and wet outside!
Hannah was a huge help with Ava while I cooked dinner, so I think I'm going to let her off her punishment for her little mess-up today. She got a detention slip for not turning in her math homework AGAIN! The thing is, she's doing her homework. I know it for a fact. But I guess she left it at home this morning. Sometimes I want to pull my hair out with this kid. She's not a bad kid, but I wonder what her teachers must think. I need to make her a checklist that she has to go over every morning before school.

Mallorie is running for room representative in her classroom this week, so I'll have to update on whether she wins or not. I hope she does, she would just love it! Becky helped her out with her poster. It turned out so cute, I wish I had taken a picture of it, maybe I will Friday. It was black with a little zebra print and her name in pink. I told her it was going to kick butt. She told me that it isn't the poster that wins, but the person. Life lessons I learn from an 8 year old.

See all the beautiful blue marks on Ava's face. Hannah drew on her face with a marker. Maybe I need to rethink that whole "letting her off her punishment" thing! Who draws on a baby's face with a marker?

This stew I made was SO good. I just threw a bunch of stuff together and sauted it with white wine in my dutch oven. Added some water and a few spices. You just can't beat stew on a cold rainy day. Yum. Every bit was eaten!

So I still have no idea what I'm going to do for Ava's birthday, but I'll figure something out. I have a few fun ideas that will be fun and easy. If you have any good ideas leave them in my comments, I'd love to hear some more suggestions. So far I have thought and Ice Cream Party, or something with animals. Her birthday is on Valentine's Day, but I think we'll throw her party the day before and then on Sunday have a small family celebration.
I hope you are staying warm and dry. Have a wonderful Thursday!

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Looks Yummy. I love stew.