Thursday, January 21, 2010


Rain, originally uploaded by gray.brown.
I took this today while I was driving down a street. It wasn't pouring down rain, but it was constantly falling. If you can't tell the rain was standing pretty far from the curb. For us, that's flooded! All of the drains on the side of road were full and some were even spilling out. I don't know if we're in for any more rain, but it sure has been nice!

And yes, isn't this a lovely picture of my trashcan? I just wanted to show the depth of water in my street. Not too bad, but today was not a day that I parked infront of my house! Thank goodness for the driveway.

Mallorie is taking some pictures right now with my camera, so I should have a very interesting post for in the morning. Have a great evening!


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