Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nothin' Much

I have been the worst blogger ever this week. I've hardly taken pictures or even tried to write. Ava is a bowl full of energy and on the go all day long. When she naps she refuses to let me put her down or if I do she is only sleeping 30 minutes. Even at night when we put her down for sleep, she wakes up within a couple of hours. We're working on it. This isn't working and I don't want to have to hold her every time she needs to sleep. However, she is the cutest thing ever and snuggling is never something I complain about.

Rusty is off Friday and we are going shopping. We're babysitting another friend's baby, so we're taking them to the mall in their strollers and we'll see how long we last. It'll probably confirm that we're done having kids. If we're this exhausted from one, how is it going to be with another in tow?

Hannah and Mallorie are so ready for Christmas. This has been the strangest year for them with the things they asked for for Christmas. There were no really big ticket items. Maybe they already have everything, or maybe they just know what they want. Mallorie asked for a guitar, but that's not too big. Hannah hasn't really said anything big, so we're trying to be very creative. She likes reading, so we're going along with that theme and trying to go big with that. So far she says she wants a book about someone interesting. Ummm, yeah, that narrows it down. Ha. I guess she'll be easy to buy for this year.

I had a whole post written, okay, not whole, about half...but anyway, about working on losing weight. Basically I got on the scale the other day at Ava's doctor appointment and realized that after I had lost all the weight from my pregnancy, I have now gained some back. I know I haven't really changed my eating habits, but I have been drinking coffee like crazy. Please note that I don't drink my coffee black. No, I add a lot of creamer. No sugar, but the creamer is sweet and I am certain it's not low fat. Oh and lets not forget that I completely quit drinking sodas while I was pregnant as well and now I have been drinking them again. I've been in denial. It's time to quit drinking all these calories. I want to some how use this page as a log and also to keep me accountable for any weight loss or times that I get off track. In other words, I want to make sure I am trying to stay on task. I'll never post my weight, that's way too embarrassing, but I will want to post if I am losing. So bear with me...this is going to be hard work.

Alright, I need to go to bed, but I will post some pictures later. I fully plan on taking pictures of the girls tomorrow. And then tomorrow night I have Bunco. I hope you have a wonderful Friday and are not freezing your hiney off!

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