Saturday, November 14, 2009


Continuing with my Thankful Theme, yesterday I had some really great reason to be thankful!

Mallorie recieved a Citizenship award from her teacher. I am so proud of her, and she was so proud as well! She is doing so much better than she was at the beginning of the year!

Hannah recieved third place in an art contest that is sponsored every month. This time it was a Fall theme. I wasn't expecting her to win that award, so it was a wonderful surprise!

I got another surprise and reason to be thankful last night. I don't have a name picked out for it yet, but it will be a part of our family! Can you guess what "it" is???

I'll give you a hint. Now my pictures are much more crisp, clear, & wonderful!

Somebody in this picture took me and got my Christmas present early this year! I said he's off the hook for my birthday, mother's day and Christmas next year!!

I have been coveting this camera for a very long time! Back in the day, before the awesomeness of digital, I had a Canon Rebel X and loved it so much. As film got more and more expensive and I recieved a point and shoot digital, poor Rebel got put away and hasn't shot much since. Now. Oh man. I can't wait for my battery to finish charging so I can get outside and take pictures of everything! Oh, and another amazing thing, my macro lens from my old camera, fits perfectly on my new camera. How amazing!!

Poor Ava, she's sick by the way. She's coughing abunch of yucky stuff and has a runny nose. Last night at Best Buy her eyes got all red and you could tell she felt horrible. She was rubbing her face and eyes and would start crying the "pain" cry for no reason. It was almost like she had an allergy attack. Neither of us know what happened because we were holding her the whole time and as soon as we left, she was fine. Maybe there was something in the air or nearby us that irritated her. It was wierd.

I have a wedding to go to today for some friends and then off to a birthday party! We'll have fun and hopefully Ava will be okay for some of the day. I imagine will go home early so she can rest.

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday. Today is Ava's 9 month birthday, so I'll take a picture in a little while and post it. I can't beleive she's already 9 months....time is flying by!


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Mandijo said...

I love the THANKFUL posts!! And I can't wait to see some pictures from the new camera. I love my camera but man I take so many pictures now its almost ridiculous, HA!!