Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Tonight the Spider, Scarecrow & Tiniest Ballerina will be out stuffing their bags with candy.

Did you know that Rusty makes them pay him 25% of their candy stash just for taking them trick-or-treating? It's become a Halloween tradition. He takes it to work and it sustains him for the next few weeks.

I can't believe they agree to it, but they do. It's not a bad thing, they certainly don't need all that sugar. Especially once you consider that they also got candy at school and then at church too. Yesterday they asked me why anyone would put pretzels in a Halloween candy bag? Ha!

After I finished off my second mini-snickers bar, I told them it was because all that sugar isn't good for them!

These pics were from their school parade yesterday. There were so many cute costumes and I was so impressed with how many home-made costumes I saw. My faves, other than the cool spider and scarecrow, were the Charlie Chaplin and a Robot made with boxes, dryer hoses and foil! So creative.
And the picture above with all the babies, it was the best one we could get where they were all looking. They're so cute, but not always too happy to have a camera in their faces!

Happy Halloween!!

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Mandijo said...

Love the costumes! Home-made costumes are always the best!!

Sarah, would you mind sending me an email.
I wanted to ask you something but not through comments on the blog.