Sunday, November 1, 2009


Don't freak out people...I just caught Rusty at a wierd angle. Yeah, that's it. He never acts crazy, nor would he ever wear eyeliner guyliner for Halloween. No never.

He's a dork. He just is, but I love him. That's what first attracted me anyway, his goofy personality! Sometimes it gets lost in the khaki wearing, desk sittin', daily grind life he leads, but it's still there. It only needs a little nudge to come out and Halloween is definitely a good nudge.

These are our neighbor girls that were getting ready to go trick-or-treating and I had to get a pic of them all together. Incase you are wondering, Hannah is a crazy lady and Mallorie is a scarecrow. We didn't dress Ava in her Ballerina getup for that night because it gets too cold. She just wore her layer and on top was a Halloween shirt and leggings.

Hannah just looks crazy and infact acted crazy all night.

These are our beautiful pumpkins. Lovely huh! We forgot to light them until last night after trick-or-treating.

The scarecrow.

We hit two blocks and the kids were whining that they were tired. WIMPS!!! We were having so much fun and the neighborhood we went to was giving out amazing candy. Not the nasty last year stuff or fruity junk. I'm talkin' full size bars. Crazy. I think next year we might hand out candy. The girls just don't seem that interested in going around with us anymore.

Oops, out of order. Don't they look adorable?

We went with some friends down in Redondo Beach. It was so nice. Something interesting that happened while we were trick-or-treating was that we saw a little bit of a celebrity. I guess if you don't watch this show then you won't know who it is. His name is Larry Joe Campbell and he was on According to Jim and he played the character "Andy". It was a funny tv show with Jim Belucci and Courtney Thorne Smith. I've seen him at our local Starbucks before, but there he was again last night. It was fun for Rusty and I to see him since we have enjoyed watching that show for some time.

The other interesting thing we saw last night was all the parents drinking while walking their kids around for trick-or-treating. Kind of pitiful.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun and we're ready to get this week going. Hope you have a nice Monday, it's going to be a long week!

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Anonymous said...

Aww, I love seeing the little kids' costumes.

And Rusty's totally manly guyliner.