Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's cold here. YAY! Yesterday the girls wore their coats for the first time and I had to document to occasion.
Pesky Hannah, always aggravating innocent little Mallorie.

You believe that, right?

Here's a better one,er, maybe not. Mallorie's making that face where you squish your chin down to your neck and give yourself a few dozen chins...she's going to kill me for posting this. ha

And Hannah is wearing mismatched socks on purpose. It was crazy sock day yesterday at school.

I tried Ava's tutu and tights on her yesterday and I have become convinced that she will now be a ballerina. No chaning the mind now. That and I went back to the store yesterday on the hunt for some little ballet flats and found some in black. And a pretty black bow. She's going to be so cute!

Last night we went over to Disney. The kids and Rusty wanted to try to ride Ghost Galaxy bofore it changed back to regular. Anyway. They didn't get to because the wait was 80 minutes and since that was all the time we had before the park closed, we decided not to worry about it. Instead we rode Thunder Mountain and then split up and rode a couple of other things. Mallorie and I are big fans of Pirates of the Carribean and Rusty and Hannah went and rode Indiana Jones. Ava can't go on that one, so it was perfect timing to split up. The rides had no waiting and we got to have a lot of fun in a short time.

While we were walking into the park, this was my view. This is always my view when some one else is holding her.Don't you feel so sorry for her. She's just begging me to hold her. We can hear it in her nonstop Mamamamamamamamamamama cries. We just laugh. What else can we do? It's hilarious!

These two dorks rode the Thunder Mountain ride with me. Aren't their hair colors lovely? I let them put streaks in their hair for Halloween week. Mallorie chose pink and Hannah went with Black. They think they look so cute. This is reason #459 that I love having girls!

We had so much fun last night, Did I mention that already? Well we did and it just seems to always work out for us to go during the middle of the week. Even if it's only for a couple of hours.

By the way, Hannah and Mally are saying they love you in this pic:

Mally's Mickey ears. Aren't they so wonderful. She loves them because they are fun to wear. I love them because they keep Ava happy in the car all the way back home. Yes, I love those ears!

Just wanted to share one last pic of Hannah. I got one of her not sticking her tongue out or flaring her nostrils. By the way, she just called me from school and said she forgot her lunchbox. Only, guess what, I don't see it anywhere. I am positive she stuck it in her backpack. That kid. Well, I better go look for it in my car, maybe she took it out or something on the way to school.

Have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

I just love the tutu snapshot! Love all my girls! MOM