Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blue Eyes

I took the girls out today and FINALLY took some pictures of them all.
I fell inlove with their pretty blue eyes.
Can you guess whose eyes these are?

They belong to my sweet middle girl. Sometimes her eyes seem see through, like clear water. Other times they are gray and dark like storm clouds. She has gorgeous eyes. I never can capture them fully on camera.

This little munchkin also has some pretty baby blues. They're darker, but so big. It seems as though she's staring into your soul. Almost every person who comes into contact with her stops and comments on her eyes. It doesn't help that she smiles and waves at everybody, but they are quite amazing.

Just look at that drool!
Mally's going to be a scarecrow Saturday. It's been her idea all along. She decided to be a scarecrow last year after Halloween and didn't forget for this year. We picked out her clothes and she's tried them all on. We bought a mop to use for hair and hay to stick in the ends of her sleeves and pants. I can't wait to see how she looks when we get ready to trick-or-treat.

I can't believe this one is 10. She isn't a baby anymore. She's losing that little kid look so fast. She's absolutely beautiful and I'm so proud that she's my daughter. As much as we are starting to clash, she and I still have an understanding. I hate and love that I know what she is going to do and what she is sometimes thinking. I hate it because I was the same way and I wish she wasn't so much like me. I don't want her to make the same mistakes. I love it because I know her.

She is going to be a spider on Saturday. She is so excited and also made her own costume. I'm so proud of them for being creative and not just finding a costume at a store. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's what we do every year. I just am enjoying seeing their creative sides

I don't know if you see it, but these two are quite the look a likes! Other than the eyes, they favor a lot. I remember Hannah looking just like Ava when she makes certain faces. Especially when she looks down. I think it was those fat cheeks.

Did I tell you I still don't know what Ava will be? I mean, I've had the idea for her to be a ballerina picked out for a few weeks. I have a tutu and everything already, so that's what I was going to do. BUT today I ran into a resale shop looking for some little baby slippers for her costume and instead found some little cowgirl boots. They're pink and tan, John Deere boots. Real boots. And really cute! I mentioned it at the dinner table today and Hannah immediately decided that they could be Charlotte and Fern from Charlotte's Web. Apparently their is also a scarecrow in Charlotte's Web that I just don't remember.
Anyway, I love the idea. I might just have to go with it. Anyway, it's supposed to be cold Saturday night, so dressing as a cowgirl is going to keep her much warmer than a ballerina. We'll see. I have time to decide.

I know I've mentioned here before that our leaves don't really change colors. Only a few trees here will change. Our back yard has some sort of plant that changes and the colors are brilliant. Red and gold. It makes us feel atleast a little like fall is in the air. Well, that and the crazy winds!

This is my favorite of Ava today. I don't know whose skin she has, but it can't be mine. She looks great in green, just like her daddy. Maybe she won't be quite as fair as me.
And just look at those little teeth. I though I would be so sad when she got her teeth because I'd miss those gummy smiles, and I do, but other that her occasional biting, those teeth are precious!

Getting this kid to smile for me today was like pulling teeth. They were all so fake! But I did manage to get a few. Especially when she was holding Ava. They get along so well. Maybe it's their laid back attitudes. I don't know, but they are bffs!

After I got a few pics of Ava, it was impossible to get her to pay attention anymore. The pictures turned out cute anyway.
Usually when I look at Hannah and Mallorie together I don't think they look alike at all, but then in this picture I see something that pulls them together. I know the blonde hair, but I just can't put my finger on what else it is. It may be the smile lines they have just like mine. I just don't know what else it could be. Well, whatever it is, they certainly are more similar than I have ever noticed before.

We watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown tonight and carved a few pumpkins. I'll make sure to take pics tomorrow evening when we light them up. It's so windy tonight that it would be pointless to try. I also got some new video today of Ava clapping, however I am not quite sure how to load them now that I switched to the updated blogging page. I will attempt to figure it out tonight and post the videos tomorrow as well.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Blessings....

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful pics of the girls! And such beautiful blue eyes!
thanks for your updates & sharing the news. Hugs! MOM