Monday, October 19, 2009

8 Months Old

I will admit that I am, ahem, 5dayslate, posting Ava's 8 month pictures. I have not one good excuse, so please excuse me.

What is Ava up to these days??
*Well she crawls everywhere
*She eats very well. Her favorites include paper, plastic, and carpet fibers.
*Her favorite foods are anything we are eating. So far she has tried and liked; cous cous, spaghetti noodles, avacodo and guacamole, rice, all fruits, and most recently she tried potato soup and peas. She's also been eating egg and a little cheese. Oh and she tried Nutella today and loved it. She's not picky!
*She pulls up on anything and has let go twice. She falls immediately and we don't think she knows she's doing it.
*Her bed time is 10:30. Yikes!! It's not fun, but it's always been that way and she won't budge.
*She wears a 9 months, but if the outfit is cute, like the one in the picture, I'll put her in 12 months. She still fits in her 3 months onsies which is perfect because we have started layering with the weather getting cool.
*She said Dada once last week and we can't get her to say it again. She yells Mama all the time.
*She isn't too fond of anyone holding her besides one of us in the house. Rusty babysitts every once in a while, but since I don't have a life, he doesn't have to very often.
*She is waving hi and bye.
*She is starting to clap. Mostly with one hand on top of the other, but it's cute and she gets it, so that's what is important.
*Hannah swears she heard her say Hannah. But Hannah says a lot of stuff.
*Her feet are getting so big. I bought her some size threes the other day and they seemed pretty good.

That's all I've got for now, I must go pick up my big girls from school. Hope you have a great day and check back later for some cute pics. I've got to make my blog look fall-ish.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think Ava said was probably MiMi. Love your new fall page! Excuse me, but Hannah always tells the truth! Haha. Love & hugs, MOM ...great pics & update.