Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Update

We had such a nice Labor Day weekend.

Friday night I got a huge treat. I got to go play Bunco. Alone. By myself. No children allowed. In other words, a long overdue girl's night out. It was my turn to host, but since Rusty really didn't have a place to go with the girls, my friend let me host at her house. I made some yummy food. The theme was "hats" and everyone participated. I didn't take a pic, but there was one woman with real money in her hat...super creative.

Another not so super thing about Bunco. I didn't win. Oh well. I had a blast and that is the most important thing!

Sunday after church we had a picnic with our church group which was also an outreach. We did it last year too. We just cook hamburgers and hotdogs and give them out for free. It was so cool and the wind was nice...a good break from the weather we have been having. Ava even took a nice, relaxing nap while we were there.

Hannah's dance team danced two songs while we were there. I love to watch her dance. She is so happy and has no fear. I don't know if I could have ever done that as a child and I admire her for getting up there and never being afraid!

She's on the far left in these pics. I can't remember the two songs they did, but it was a lot of fun to watch.
One day last week, I had to go to a meeting. They provided child care, but I wanted to make sure I had a pic of what the girls looked like and were wearing that day, just incase anything happened since they wouldn't be within my sight. I just thought this picture was funny. Her face says "attitude". She is finally not always wanting her picture taken. Plus, I liked the fact that the sun has bleached her hair so much this summer, even her eyebrows are completely bleached. Too funny!
Speaking of Mallorie, the other day I let her have free reign in my kitchen. I remember doing this very thing in my mom's kitchen as a kid.
She made pill muffins. YUMMM!! haha, they were everything you can imagine mixed together and then topped with some St. John's Wart pills. Too funny. I bought them thinking I would take them. I never have, so atleast they were put to some good use.
And incase you were wondering, no one ate these lovely treats!
As I have been sitting here typing this, Mallorie got into Ava's playpen with her and helped her learn to pull herself up. She's not too tiny anymore and I know she'll be crawling soon. She's started baby yogurt the other day and seems to really like it. We've also been eating a lot of avocado, mixed veggies, and different kinds of fruits. On the other hand she has been gagging a lot and spitting up maybe thirty minutes to hour after she eats. I'm not sure whether it is something to worry about or not, but I will be talking to her doctor about it soon. I just hope it's not something like reflux, but I will find out soon.
Not much is going on this week...oh, wait, school starts Thursday. Yaymandarnyayayayay! Did you get that. I'm still on the fence about being excited and being a little sad. I am going to be one busy Momma this year. Just pray a little prayer for my girls this year. Especially Mallorie. She's scared to death of starting third grade. I am trying to help her, but I know it is scary, but that it'll eventually work itself out.

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Anonymous said...

WHAT did you make when you had free reign in my kitchen? So glad you have wonderful memories! Love ya MOM PS> the girls are toooo cute.