Thursday, September 10, 2009

School Days, School Days

School starts today.

It's such a strange feeling to remember starting third and fourth grade. Not knowing what to expect and being excited all at the same time. In the school I went to and at the time I went, teachers were still allowed to smoke in the teachers lounge. You could smell it all over the school. Combine that with glue, the smell of the gymnasium and old wooden lockers and you have my memories of school. I LOVE that smell.

My girls don't know about that smell. Their school is outside. Unlike mine inside of a building. When we moved here, it amazed me that school wasn't inside a building, but soon after I realized that since it only rains a few days a year, there wasn't really a need for buildings and the warm sunshine provided light and warmth for them inside the classroom. Ahhh, sunny California.

Anyway, this happens to me every year. I get nostalgic and think about my childhood whenever there isa big event happening for my girls. I always feel guilty because they don't get the memories I had, but they don't know any different and hopefully they will have wonderful memories as well. The only thing I wish is that they were able to really play outside like I used to do. They play outside, but not without me (Nervous Nelly) right there with them. I am too scared that they will be grabbed. Guess that's just the small town girl inside me still afraid to relax. Everyone else here seems to be able to relax and let their kids play outside and have a lot more freedom than my kids get. I can't, er, won't do it. I know it could happen anywhere though, I'm just an overprotective mom. Can't help it & won't change it. Sorry.

Now, on to some super cuties! I found these pictures on my camera today. I FINALLY decided to charge Mallorie's camera and wanted to look on my SD card. There were some cute pics and videos. I will attempt to post the videos.
Hello blue eyes! This was actually taken today before the camera died. I am pretty sure Mallorie took this picture, judging by the fear in her eyes, ha.
I'm not sure when I took this next one, but I love it! I love that Ava smiled at me, but what we were out there to look at was Hannah.
Hannah doing this:
She loves to climb this tree. It's partially dead. I may have partially killed it. Maybe.
I really did try to upload some video, but it was taking too long and I need to go to bed. I hope you have a beautiful day today. Oh, and say a little prayer for my girls this morning as they start a new year in school. Pray for them to be brave and to have lots of fun seeing their friends again.
ps.Check out my Salty Chocolate Recipe blog. I changed the background and it is too precious.

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Anonymous said...

raisins or craisins in the oatmeal might be good. I don't think Ava could eat that but maybe banana or blueberries? I'll have to give the cous cous a try. thanks for sharing; Love mom