Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day 'O School

Today was Ava's first, first day of school. She tried to give me lip about how she didn't want to go, but I wasn't having any of that and I gave her a good talking to. I had to show her who's boss!
Then she gave me big kisses and a smile and I told her she could stay home with me for another five years, but after that....she's outta here!
Here's the real back to school girls. (please note that I actually convinced Hannah to hold Mally's hand in this pic) I thought they looked so beautiful and sweet this morning.

Hannah couldn't even eat her breakfast Thursday morning. She was too excited. All she could do was keep running around talking and then she had her backpack on thirty minutes before we needed to leave. It was safe to say she was excited!
When they got to school, we found out what teacher they each had. They were both so happy...and so was their Momma! Great teachers this year. We'll have a lot of work, but I feel good about the compatibility this year. (whew!)
I prayed with them in the car this morning and couldn't hold back my tears. Even as I sit here typing this, I get a little misty. Third and fourth grade. That just is so grown up. They aren't my babies anymore.
Mallorie didn't whine or cry when I left her in her classroom this morning. Not that she should, she is in third grade, but at the same time, as I looked back to get one more look at her, she didn't look at me. For the first time since I ever walked her into a classroom, she didn't turn around to look for her mommy. She didn't look scared or worried at all. While it gave me a lot of peace, it also broke my heart a little. I so miss them being little.
Sorry. I'm a big ball of emotional! Not trying to make you cry, but it is hard and now I know how all those silly, weepy mom's feel. It's not so funny anymore.
Look, there she is. This was a huge deal for her. She was so excited to be right next to the teacher's desk. What kid wants that? Apparently mine. Funny girl.
This kid. My brave one. She found her friends in class and went straight to an area where she would have access to them, but her own space at the same time. She loves to be a part of everything. I am so happy with her class this year. Most of the kids in her class haven't been in her class before, so I am excited to be with some new parents and kids!
Mallorie's teacher gave each of them a different piece of a star this morning and they had to find their seats by matching their piece of the star. What a cool teacher. She had water bottles waiting for each of them on their desk. She scored major bonus points for Mally with that move!
A quick meet-up in the hallway with girlfriends. It was so nice to see everybody again and catch up. Some sad news, a lot of good and a lot of growing babies. Time is flying by and I am trying to catch it all the time. I'll be posting this old picture next to one of some seniors in a few years. Then I'll let you know how much I really cry!
Oh, and by the way. Hannah's classroom is officially in the "hall" now. This is where all the big kids go to class and she is so excited to now be a part of that crew!
Oh, and one more thing...apparently plaid is in this year because it was everywhere this morning. I know you're so happy I threw that in. Please Dad, call Clinton and Stacy and let them know that I am no longer out of style!
Today we're going to meet a precious new baby named Isabelle. I can't wait! Atleast this time I know it won't make me want another one..mine is still little, cute and ROTTEN! Today Ava fell over in the hallway and I couldn't get to her, but she sat herself right back up. I was so amazed. We had a big cheer for her hard work. Oh and she took a nap on her own in her playpen...must have been nice to have such a quiet house today! And, she is pulling up on everything. She doesn't make it to her feet, but she does get up on her knees. There's no stopping this kid. She's going to be one busy baby once she figures out how to crawl.
I hope you have a wonderful day and a blessed weekend.

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Anonymous said...

You are right....Mommie heart's are so tender on that first day of school - it's a BIG deal. One of the "cutting the apron strings" steps. But when the kids are happy - MOM is really happy and joyful in her heart. You have a great week! See you soon. Love ya MOM