Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunny Saturday

I'm not sure if you remember, but we planted a garden a little while ago. Corn, squash, and "okra cool". Well, it's been growing...except the "okra cool", but as you can see we have a green squash!
We're so excited, it's the first piece of vegetation that we've ever grown from seed that we will eat! It's also been a neat science project for our kids. Daily watering and watching. They are very proud of their hard work. Here's a look at our corn:
We were all outside this morning enjoying the cool air and the time together. I snapped this picture of Rusty and Ava because she looked so cute. I also wanted to show it because Rusty has been growing his hair out for a while. It's not looking so good. I gave Rusty a haircut today and it ended up looking so good!
I can't believe I actually cut it that well. I usually just shave it with an electric razor and it's just a regular old haircut.
Okay, I'll stop now. I just had to share my amazement at the fact that I actually cut my husbands hair today and he didn't think it was horrible.
I cut Mally's hair today too. But just some layers and a little bit of damage off the ends. She's still cute as ever. She and I stayed out all night last night. I went to one of my girlfriend's house yesterday afternoon and Mally just had to go with me. It was so late when I got ready to go that Mallorie had fallen asleep and if you know me at all, you know I am a wimp when it comes to going out after dark. So we ended up staying the night there. Ava was with me too, so we just had a slumber party and we had such a good time. Of course we were up all night drinking coffee and being silly, but it was fun. Hannah and Rusty stayed home and played Playstation and just hung out. She loves her Daddy so much...remember she told me he was her fave.
After relaxing this morning, we decided to go out to some stores. I had found a stroller I wanted online, so we went to a couple of stores that we thought might have it. First, we hit up Wal-mart because it showed that Wal Mart carried it online. I know that Wal-Mart isn't always bad and in some towns it's all they have. But here. Oh man. You do NOT want to go there. It's decently new, but it is SO GHETTO! Sorry if that's rude, but too bad. Yuck. We decided that even if they did have the stroller we wanted, we weren't getting there and we were never going back.
Then we went to Target. And the angels sang.
Okay that's dramatic. But it was a much better experience and while we still didn't find "the" stroller, we got a bunch of other stuff we really needed. We then came home and just ordered the stroller online and got free 2 day shipping. Should have just done that in the beginning.
When we were walking into Target, I just had to snap this picture of Ava looking over Rusty's shoulder. I am still laughing out loud because of it. She just has such a serious little face sometimes. I just hear her in my head saying "What's going on back there?". I love that little toot.
I snapped this as Hannah was laughing and telling me about something silly. I love it. Um, she might look A LOT like Rusty and his sister in this pic. The older she is getting the more I am realizing that she didn't get a lot of my genetics. Or, well, in the looks department anyway.
This one, well sometimes she looks just like my mother. Sometimes she looks just like me. And then even stranger still, she looks just like Rusty. They're both so pretty and I have so much fun with them. Even though they were driving me and Rusty coocoo today in Target, I still can't stop myself from laughing when say some of the silly stuff they say. Or keep my heart from swelling with love when they help me out with their new baby sister. They are just great kids.
These next two pics are a strange new occurrence. For some reason Ava has been leaving her mouth open all the time. We don't know why she's doing this, but we can't help but just die laughing every time she starts it.
She isn't eating or chewing on a toy. No, she just opens her mouth and then doesn't shut it for a while. This is also how she gives kisses, so I'm wondering if she's wanting to give kisses, but so far I don't think so. She doesn't come toward anyone like she usually does when she wants to kiss. Maybe she's just testing out another thing she can do with her mouth other than screaming and eating.

This video is great! I caught her setting herself up. I see her doing it all the time now, but I wanted to post it on here. She is so cute. She hasn't quite figured out what the clapping and cheering is all about when she does something, but she sure is starting to like it!

We certainly are proud of her.
We're also extremely proud of our two big girls. We got the results from their standardized testing from last year and were very pleasantly surprised. Well, kind of. We knew Hannah loves and is good at math, but I was truly proud when she got such high scores that she was labeled advanced math! (Just another example of her not getting my genetics!) Mallorie, who claims to not like math, got a score just shy of advanced. They also both LOVE science. Not that most kids don't love science at this age, but they both just get it. The same way they are with math. They just get it. I hope they always just get it because I know once they hit geometry and all the rest of the math I don't know the names for, I'll be a useless pit of non-information. Maybe I should start studying now so that I can impress everyone with my vast knowledge of trig and well, let's face it...elementary algebra. I will always be there to help them write their papers. They'll thank me someday.
We have family coming to visit this week. We're getting to meet our new nephew. I CAN'T WAIT! I don't know what we'll do, but we always have fun when they come to visit. The LA county fair is going on and we've never been, so maybe we'll check that out. I am looking forward to seeing some of our family members and just having somebody out here to visit. It gets boring doing the same old thing every week. I love having people come out here and doing something different. Not to mention, last time Rusty's sister was here, we had a car accident. So this time we'll have to try really hard to make sure she has a better visit!!
I hope you have a nice, relaxing Sunday and get to take a nap and enjoy the company of family or friends.


Olson Family said...

haha I cut Erik's hair...I have for about a year now... so officially I think we are "pioneer women"...we cook, clean, nurture babies, and cut our family's hair... awesome

Anonymous said...

Good job AVA!!!! thanks for the wonderful post! Love Mom