Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And The WInner Is...

Just a quick note.

I won something today.

I never win anything, so this was quite the surprise.

I read a blog called Daily Mish Mash and a few weeks ago she had a contest to win a $25 gift card to Marshall's. I know it's not much, but free money is free money, dang-it.

The question for you to answer to win was, "Who or what inspired your fashion choices in high school?". Being the trendsetter that I was NOT, I answered: "Sadly my wardrobe centered around what type of boy I liked that year. I went through grunge, hick, preppy and a slight hippy look. I thought I looked good, so I guess that was all that mattered."

Guess what? She emailed me today letting me know that my name had been drawn!

I won.


Now if only I could win one of the Kitchen Aid Mixers off of The Pioneer Woman's Blog!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Anytime you win something and you can choose WHAT you want, that is a bonus. Enjoy the gift card. Congrats. Love MOM

Olson Family said...

you guys aren't in fire danger are you???