Monday, September 14, 2009

Seven Months Old & A Zucchini

Monday Ava turned seven months old. These months seem to be coming faster and faster.
I have been so aggravated lately because I have been wanting to make a photo collage so that I could compare Ava's monthly pictures. Well, I finally found one. I downloaded Picassa 3 today, a free Photo Editing program, and they had all kinds of fun editing tools on there. Yay!!
Then, I went a little nuts! I wanted to post a picture of Hannah and Mallorie from the first day of every year they went to school. Um, I seem to not have 2006. Wondering why? Oh, it's because my computer crashed that year and I lost every single picture that I hadn't saved to a disc. (which just so happened to most everything!) So I found a picture I guess my mom and dad had sent me from the same year Mallorie was in kindergarten, then her first grade year, last year in second and then this year. She hasn't changed too much, but she is definitely starting to grow up!
This kid...yikes! This year she looks so big. The odd one with her in the kitchen was her first grade year. Kindergarten in pink, second grade in the bright blue, third grade in turquoise and this year in black and white. I almost cried when I looked at her kindergarten picture. She changes so much every year and I almost can't remember her being that little and cute.

After all that hard work, I am done with the collages tonight. I have to figure out a few other things first with the program. But trust me, I will be making more. I wish I had more pictures of them when they were little on my computer, but I'll have to look through all of my old discs.

After school today we checked on our zucchini. Man was it huge!
So we cut it off the plant and decided we are gonna cook it up Tuesday night! Mallorie was the most excited about picking the squash. I'll have to admit, it took all of my willpower not to cut it while they were at school that day. But I wanted them to see how fruits and veggies look before they get cut off the plant and shipped to our grocery stores. I think they were both very pleased.

I'm just throwing this next one in because I like it so much. She's a cutie!!
Hannah and Mallorie officially had homework today. I am showing these next pictures because they make me so happy.
Hannah got a day planner. A Day Planner!! She's going to learn to be organized!
She was so excited to show me this. She feels so grown up with her own planner.
Mallorie's teacher bought them all these amazing folders! Each one has 4 or 5 pages and are each clear folders. I have never seen this type of folder. This is going to make her year so much easier!
Each page/folder contains a different subject.
Sunday night at Mayday, some friends brought us this beautiful sunflower. It doesn't mean much, but I love the thought. It's something so beautiful and sweet.
Today while we were outside cutting the zucchini, I saw this beautiful flower. I have never seen a red iris, especially one that is shaped this unusual.

Last night, I was feeding Ava and she started making this silly noise at Rusty. He was sneezing at her and fake coughing and growling. Everytime she did it, we laughed and so she would continue. She practiced all night last night. When she would see Mallorie, she would start doing it at her as well. She's got such a good sense of humor. We made a video of it, but for some reason it is taking forever to load. I will post it later in the day because I just really want you to see it. We all are just constantly laughing about the things Ava does! It's nice that she fits in with this family so well. It's all about laughing and being happy!

If you are interested, here are the milestones Ava is at right now:

1.She is saying a few one syllable words (mama, baba, ge/ga, da)

2.She can pull herself up to her knees

3.Eats #2 baby foods, puff snacks, and small pieces of fruit

4.Finds that her hands are the most amazing toy ever

5.Sleeping in her crib for the most part, but winds up in our's sometime in the middle of the night

6.Passing toys from one hand to the other

7.Has developed a temper! We get tantrums every once in a while.

8.Rusty wants me to include that she said "Daddy, I love you" and since I wasn't there, I can't say that she didn't. Even though I'm pretty sure she didn't.

9.There are two little teeth right below the gums on the bottom. I can feel them, but they aren't quite ready to come out.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. I'll post more video tomorrow. I wanted to show how good she's doing about trying to crawl.

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Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY awesome. This was so fun to read & see "growth" pics.Thanks so much!! Love reading your stories too. Love ya MOM