Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On The Rocks

Okay, the kids are doing their homework. Ava is sitting in her highchair having a snack and some ice in her mesh teether. I am trying to to ignore the fact that it is 95 degrees outside and pretend that I am sitting somewhere up North where the trees are changing color and it feels like Autumn.
I decided that this might be as good a time as any to write my blog. Plus, looking at these pictures takes me back to a happier place and time than I am in right and arguing with Mally about her homework.
The time was Sunday. Evening to be exact. We had researched and decided that low tide would be around 4:30 in the afternoon. The perfect time to head down to the rocky seashore at the cliffs and look for sea creatures in the tide pools. We had our family here visiting and they had never seen the tide pools before and they were so excited!

This time, for the first time ever, I didn't wander too far out from the side. I wanted to watch the sweet babies while the others got to experience the amazing stuff in the tide pools. That, and the last time I was out there I was pregnant and fell and wasn't too keen on falling again.

There were tons of little crabs, starfish, and shells everywhere and that is always so much fun. You also couldn't have asked for a prettier day. Sadly the, ahem, visitors there aren't always the best, but for the most part they keep to themselves and don't bother you. Other than that, it was so much fun.

While I fed baby Tyler, Rusty kept Ava with him and showed her around. Then they came and joined me for a little while. Ava loved banging the rocks together, licking the rocks and trying to get away from me as we sat on the shore. I taught her how instead of eating the rocks we should throw them. The other, ahem, visitors there were showing her how to throw the rocks and hit their beer cans. It was a day full of learning.

Mallorie fell this trip. I didn't see her do it since I was sitting on the shore, but Rusty did. He said he heard her kind of yell and then he turned around and she was rolling down a rock towards the water. Rusty couldn't get there fast enough and apparently some man happened to be right there and he grabbed her. Later that night when I got to really thinking about it, I felt sick to my stomach. We came a little too close to losing Mallorie that day. Maybe you think it's dramatic, but those waves hit the rocks so hard and she is not stronger than the tide.
I asked her the next morning if she was scared and of course she said yes. I asked her if she thought that maybe that man was her guardian angel. She said no because she can see him. I just had a weird feeling about it. Whether he was or not, God put him there just at that special time to grab Mallorie from falling. He put him there. It wasn't a coincidence. I don't believe in those.
I am sure that man will never read this blog, but if he did, I don't think there are enough words to say how truly thankful and appreciate I am.
Changing gears; I wanted to end the post with this picture. It's of nothing more than Ava in her front carrier, but for some reason it makes me laugh every time I see it. Maybe it's her expression, or maybe the fact that once we couldn't see her head in it because she was so little and now she looks so big in it. I don't know, but I smile every time I look. Rusty can never deny this kid, she looks too much like him. And maybe that's another reason I smile. They are both "standing" in the same way. Just cute!
I hope you have a good rest of the week. Remember there's only two days left and then it's time for the weekend. Is there anyone who doesn't look forward to the weekends? If there are, then I am sorry for them. I love them and every week look forward to having Rusty home with me and the girls.
Right now I have to go grab Ava. She somehow got over to the hutch and is opening the cupboards. Ahh, mobile babies make me crazy!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank heavens for miracles. Hugs to my Mallie! Love Mimi