Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another First

Another first, I'll mention later. Here are a few pictures from our day Saturday.

My girls.
They were so fun today.

All the little munchkins.
We've had so much fun with these guys. I can't believe their visit is almost over, but that's how it always happens.
Now on to our new first:
We have a toofer!! Can you believe this? First we crawl this week and tonight she sprouted her first tooth. I saw the little white spot under her gums at the zoo & then that night she wouldn't go to sleep no matter what I did. I felt her gums to troubleshoot and eliminate what could possibly be wrong. (Troubleshoot=you can tell I've been married to an automotive engineer too long!)

Anyway, there that little monster was. A sharp little tooth popped right through the gum and I guess it was hurting her pretty bad. We doctored her up with Infant Tylenol and Rusty and I took turns trying to get her to sleep. She finally gave up for Rusty and he got her to sleep. I imagine there will be a few more restless nights for her in the next few days.

We headed to the LA Zoo Saturday and it was the first time for us to take Ava. It was SO HOT! When we got there it was 94. We put Ava in her new pink stroller and she stayed for a little while, but then she decided she hated it. So of course we end up carrying her and thankfully Mallorie had decided to bring the umbrella, so it was all about carrying Ava with the umbrella all through the zoo. Now that we know she had a tooth coming through all day we can understand the off temperament all day. She was so out of whack all day & I am hoping it's over with soon.

Oh, and she had to help carry it or she didn't want it. Ugh, this is so not her normal character.
Look at those fat little legs. This is one of my favorite views of her in the stroller, she's too cute!

At the zoo, Hannah and Mallorie had a lot of fun. They crawled through caves and got to have a little fun. As hot and miserable as it was, they were so good. Plus they got one of the over priced popsicles, so I'm sure that helped them be good!

At the alligator exhibit, Ava giving Mommy big smiles!

And look who else was there. Mr. Tyler, my new nephew! He's a whole 8 weeks old and he did a great job dealing with all the heat today.

Friday night we went to the Long Beach Aquarium and took advantage of the free shark exhibit and touch tank. We always have fun because the girls get to touch the sharks and sting rays. After the sharks, we headed over to Bubba Gump's restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed dinner there.

The girls loved the boats that their food came in.

At the aquarium they had so much fun.

Hannah enjoyed pushing Ava around in her stroller.

Oh, and just one more thing to note that happened at the zoo. Hannah was getting a blister on her foot, so I told her I would trade shoes with her. They fit me. Her little flip flops fit me. No, I wouldn't wear them everyday, they were just a hair short of what size I normally wear, but they were big enough that I could wear them through the zoo. She, of course, was so happy!
So, there you go. My big girl is almost big enough to wear my shoes. Scary!
Hope you have a good rest of the weekend!

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sbeudy said...

Bubba Gump's has some yummy food. We ate there a few years ago when Andy was at Travis AFB for some training. We went to the Monterey aquarium and all that while we were there. BTW your nephew is a cutie. I know you had fun with him.