Monday, August 17, 2009


I took Ava to the doctor this morning and she now weighs a whole 16 pounds and is 26 inches long. She's still in the 50th percentile. With gross motor skills she's a little ahead of her age, which always makes a mommy proud, but if you think about it, how could she not be. With Hannah and Mally always around her, she should be walking by now. Just kidding, but I was very happy with the doctor's report.

Hannah and Mallorie were bored out of their minds in there and didn't waste any time letting me know it. Summer months for doctor appointments is sheer torture to me. Trying to make the big girls behave and stay quiet like they come from a "good family" is no easy task. Today we left a toy car and had to go back and get it. After Ava was weighed she peed all over the exam table. Hannah hammered all the drawers with the "reflex hammer thingy". It was quite exciting. The highlight was of course Ava not crying too much during her shots.

The other day I said that we were going school shopping, then I mentioned that it went horribly. Well, Sunday we went to the mall here in our town and got everything we needed in an hour and a half. I hate when I make a mountain out of a molehill. Did we need to travel all that way for shopping? NO. I thought we might find something nice, but it was hot and very few shops with anything for kids. Thankfully we were able to get everything done between services on Sunday. I will have to post some pics of the cute stuff Hannah and Mally bought. I don't know if they've decided what they will wear the first day, but I'm sure it'll be cute. Rusty was very happy as well. I introduced him to the greatness that is TJMaxx. Well, it is. I always find something cute for the girls. Hannah and Mally found some fun shirts and some great jeans. I almost cried in the dressing room with Mallorie because she looked so grown up. Anyway, I'm glad we're done. Their birthdays are in a few weeks and then it'll be Christmas, so there will be more shopping just around the corner and Mimi will be in, so we need to start saving for Disneyland and my "Mommy and Me" pedi that has become the tradition when Mom comes to visit.

I made Ava a bunch of baby food today as well. All fruit today. Tomorrow I plan on making veggies. Today I made peach-apple, peach-banana, avacado, plum, honeydew,and cantelope. They were all so yummy looking and tasting. I fed her some avacodo mixed with peach for dinner and she ate it so well. The first time I gave her avacodo she didn't respond well, so this time we mixed in some fruit and she loved it! I think I'll make some mixed veggies tomorrow and some green beans. I don't know what else I have on hand, but I'm sure I'll find something interesting. I have grapes, but I wasn't sure if I could leave the skins on or if I had to peal them. If you know, leave me a comment.

Today we aren't too terribly busy. We have to return a couple of pairs of jeans that didn't fit quite right and get Mallorie a lunch box. Then we will be completely finished school shopping. I hope you have a wonderful and productive day today!


Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't like avacado...that leads up to the most favorite of TexMex - Guacamole!!! She'll love that. Glad you are making fresh fruits/veggies....ya'll have such an abundance in Cali. thanks for the blog - Love MOM

Angie Seaman said...

Hi Sarah. Thanks for commenting on the blog yesterday. You are such a sweetheart. As for your question about trademarking a business, well I'm probably a bad one to ask about that. Everything we did was done thru an attorney of Brent's. They handeled it all so it made it very easy for us in the beginning. I know there are cheap ways of trademarking but they aren't as thorough as going thru a copywrite attorney. Sorry I'm not any help! You might google it and do some research that way.

Either way, keep in touch and thanks again for your blog note.

Blessings, Angie