Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finally Some Videos

My Mom and Dad said they wanted more pics of the girls. Well, I'll try my best, but these girls are getting harder and harder to take pictures of.

Example A: Completely ignoring me because a movie is much more entertaining.
Example B: They make horribly dorky faces when I am trying to take a cute picture.

Ava's still pretty easy, but occasionally she ignores me too. Especially now that she can get around and has figured out that mommy is not nearly as cool as everything else in the room, including the carpet.
Here is her example, or Example C: I give her a killer Mohawk and all she can do is splash her bath water. So. Not.Cool.
By the way, aren't baby hands and wrists the best? I love the dimpled knuckles and rubber band wrists. She figured out how to splash tonight in the bath. Bath time will never be the same! I can't complain though, she is very cute when she splashes water all over the place.
Oh look, Hannah smiled for me. This kid is so tan this summer. She lets me know this all the time. How pale I am in comparison to her. She has great skin. I hope it stays that way. She doesn't burn like Mallorie and I do, she just gets tan. Lucky.
I walked in to their room tonight to tell them to go to bed and their floor was covered in toys. They cleaned it earlier today and it is already completely trashed again. I can't believe how fast it gets destroyed.
My Mally. She told me that she and Hannah did not mess up the room. It was the baby dolls that did it. Hmmm. Liar, liar, pants on fire!!!
They, er, Hannah was playing with her American Girl stuff that she got at McDonald's today. They were so excited because they love to add to their collection of crap-ola from micky-d's. I know the feeling, I was the same way when I was a kid.
Look!!! I posted video today! It took no less than one hour to post all three of these, but I did it. We watched a movie while I would post one at a time. I don't know whether it was worth it or not, but I wanted so desperately for everyone to see Ava rocking back and forth on her hands and knees. Talking with me. And then Hannah and Mallorie singing me a little duet.
These are probably boring, but I wanted to share.
Ava put herself up on all fours. I was amazed. You'll notice she barely notices me, then when she does she rolls over to me.

Ava talks a lot now-a-days. I love the swinging arms and grabbing my camera. At the end you notice that she finds a pen and grabs it quite quickly. This is so crazy. It's like she just decides to hit 10 milestones in a week. She's been able to grab stuff, but now it's stuff that is small and it's not by accident. She sees something she wants and goes right to it and finds a way to get it in her mouth! She's such fun!

Hannah and Mallorie agree to sing to me. At first you can't hear them, but then towards the end they get louder. I promise their room was clean just hours earlier.

I hope you have a good week. We're cleaning all day today and then tomorrow it's all meetings, all day. Seriously, morning and then night. For somebody who doesn't have a job, it sure feels like I do sometimes.

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