Saturday, August 15, 2009

Six Months Old

Some little girl turned 6 months old on Friday. She is doing so much these days. Yesterday in the car the girls were singing and shaking their heads back and forth so she joined them. We were all getting a good laugh out of it.
Here are a few things she is doing:
  • sitting up completely without help
  • sleeping all night
  • rolling all over the place to get from point A to point B,C, D,E & F
  • she's obsessed with the carpet texture and recently we've noticed Rusty's arms(?)
  • she talks more often now
  • she's throwing fits...when she doesn't get her way
  • total separation anxiety

There are many more, but at the moment I am having a hard time thinking of any. Oh, we still don't have any teeth:

Mally took some pictures of our garden this morning. We're very happy to see that a lot of our stuff is coming up. Rusty is pretty sure he planted most of the seeds too deep. We have 6 corn, 5 squash and 4 okra.
Here's a weird thing that happened. Last night I had a dream that we were in the garden and we found another squash plant. Random, I know. I told Rusty about this morning and he said no all that other stuff is weeds. So while we(I mean, them, not me) were pulling the weeds in the garden this morning. Guess what they found? Another squash plant! It's the little one to the left of the big one below.

Our corn is really coming up.
This next pic is awful, but it's ok. We had not been up very long this morning and it felt so good outside, so we went and say on the back porch in our pjs while Rusty busted his hiney pulling weeks. Hey, at least I made him some coffee. I have no makeup on nor had I brushed my hair.
Last night Rusty and Mallorie went to Harvest 2009. It was held at Angel's Stadium. It was also FREE, how awesome is that!?! Anyway, I guess it was a lot of famous Christian bands. There was standing room only! That's the most awesome part of all. Well, that and the fact that Mallorie actually wanted to go. She never does stuff like this, so it was nice that Rusty and Mally got to spend some one on one time together.
That's our friend Ray with Mally in this next pic. He's such a nice guy and a good friend to Rusty.
This was at the Alter Call. Rusty said thousands of people went down there.
My sweet girl.
Here's something I don't have a lot of is these two together for a pic.

Our shopping excursion went horribly! The outlet stores were not kid stores at all. Any of them. If it was adults only shopping or if our girls were teens it would have been wonderful, but the only thing we ended up buying was some Converse tennis shoes and Mallorie some shirts. Hannah bought see through Converse tennis shoes. So funny. Mallorie bought red hightop Converses. We are headed to the mall after church tomorrow to finish shopping. At Old Navy they're having great sales. We got Mally all the Yoga pants she'll need for the year at $5 each! (You know, since she hates jeans, yoga pants are a the only thing she really likes) I hope you have a good week. School is not too far off. I hope we're ready. This week we will start getting into our school schedule mode. It's going to be difficult!

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Anonymous said...

Mally looks so content!!! Such a large crowd at the concert...that just shows you, Paris is small, I am not used to that large of a crowd. Such a huge big happy smile for Ava! What is Ava looking at in your group pic? such concentration?! See you in 1 month. Love MiMi aka Mom