Monday, August 10, 2009

Just Beachy

Saturday night we headed down to the beach to watch the Grunion. We saw nothing, but we didn't stay that long either. The girls were just not acting good at all! I also forgot my camera, so it's probably a good thing we didn't see any fish.

We did have a nice time hanging out as a family, other than the way Hannah and Mally were acting.

Earlier that morning Rusty had gone to the beach with his friend to board. So lets count people. Twice in one day. New record for Rusty! But wait, there's more..

Sunday, instead of our usual Mayday event, we went to the beach for swimming and volleyball. At first it only seemed like a few of us were going to show, but then three more families ended up coming. So we had a lot of fun. I took pics when we first got there, but then as more people came, the more volleyball I started to play. I had so much fun. I stunk up the court, but I didn't care. When else can you trash talk your pastor and not get in trouble?? Even Hannah threw in some mean talk.
This was our little group at first. And, yes, it was a perfect beach day. We went in the late afternoon so the risk of sunburn was down and there were no crowds! Love it!!

Rusty doesn't dip his toe in our freezing ocean to test the waters. No, he just runs and jumps. The kids always get a good laugh when he does this. His way probably is better, but when I get in, I have to catch my breath it's so cold! By the way, if you're still counting. This is three times to the beach for Rusty in two days. Truly a record breaking event!!!
You know, when we first got married, he'd never been to the beach and could not figure out why I loved it so much. He went with my family to Florida our first summer being married and quickly found out why we love it so much. I will say, Florida beaches and ocean is much cleaner and, to me, more beautiful than Cali beaches. But, you can't count California out completely. They have some of the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine. (Well, when it's not going down behind smog. Ewww)

Mally and her friend. They played and played. In and out of the water. Having so much fun. I am so proud of how brave Mally is in the water this year. She claims to be drowned every time we go to the beach, but she doesn't want to get out.

Hannah got buried. She's so goofy. I can't stand the thought of all that sand filling in my swimsuit, yuk! But I guess kids just don't mind it so much.I thought this pic of Rusty with the sun behind him was pretty cool. He'll probably say that it looks like his halo was showing. I can definitely say that it wasn't his halo. You don't think I'd leave out a certain baby did you? Look at this silly shot I got. I couldn't get her to look at me for a picture because of the sun, so this was by total accident. She's so silly!

Now, here's a beautiful shot that I got. I love it! She's really changing lately. Saturday she'll be SIX MONTHS OLD!!! How'd that happen??? I'll do a fun post for that day and list all of her new stuff and what she's up to.
We tried peas again today. I had some left and I heard that sometimes if a baby doesn't like something the first time, they might the next. She did. She ate almost every bit of the peas. I couldn't believe it. Goody for me. Hannah and Mally like peas a lot, so now I can ground some up for Ava when they eat them too.
So, it's pretty late as I'm writing this. Hannah came in here to ask me a question. I guess I looked at her at just the right angle and look what I saw:
Do you see it? If not, look closely at her bangs. She chopped them!!! I don't know when this happened. I asked her and she said like a month ago. No way! I could whoop her! She said she just wanted to cut something. AaAaaaah. What will I do with this girl?

Rotten little stinker. I would have been scared to death to cut my own hair as a kid. Especially as a 9 year old. She has way too much time on her hands if she has time to think about cutting her own hair. That or she is just a toot. I'll go with the latter!

Hope you have a good week and please don't go cuttin' your own hair!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh! I guess if I can't be at the beach with you, then looking @ all these pics are the next best thing. Looks like you all had a great time.
I don't think you or Becky ever got your hands on a pair of scissors to try & cut your hair. Remember Mally cutting hers?! At least Hannah thought she could blend it in!!!! Love you all, MOM

Anonymous said...

The beach IS calling my name....airline ticket purchased!
See you Oct.1. Love ya, MOM

theProvidentWoman said...

The beach looked like a lot of fun. I wish we lived closer to a beach. Kansas is about as far as you can get.

AmyB said...

Hey Sarah...somebody just recommended this site. I am gearing up to make a bunch of baby food and freeze it.

mandijo said...

I am so jealous of all of your beach trips!! Ava is getting so big and is as adorable as ever. Hey at least the bangs all blend in.....

McMommy said...

And you just made me realize why I love living near the beach!!! Your pics are fabulous!