Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beautiful Food

Here was the spread, food dept.

Everything was so good! No heavy foods. Well, except for those little guys on the far right. They were not healthy or light. But..they were GOOD! I got the recipe off of Pioneer Woman's blog and Oh My Gosh! They really were fantastic & no one could stop eating them.

I made the Cherry Limeade drink from Kelly's Korner Recipe Blog. She claimed that it was just like Sonic's Cherry Limeade.
It WAS! I wish I had their good ice to go in it. Other than that, it was pretty spot on, if not better. When it had almost ran out, I didn't have anymore Cherry syrup to add to it, so I just added diet 7up and the limeade concentrate and it was very refreshing.

I only had the cookies that I made as a dessert. Well, unless you count the fruit. One of our teens who came brought Eclairs. She always brings Eclairs. It's her staple. I need a staple.

Ok. These next bad boys could have been my entire meal. If you've ever been out to dinner with me at a place that serves Caprese Salad in any form, you know that it's my favorite. Hands down. It gets ordered over anything else. This was like Caprese Salad mini bites! I marinated the mozzarella cheese in olive oil, chives, parsley, salt and pepper for several hours. Then added the halved cherry tomatoes and tore up basil leaves to the toothpick. Please try some soon. PLEASE.

I made cucumber sandwiches. But not regular ones. Pumpernickel bread. Cream cheese mixed with dry Italian Dressing mix, cucumber slices and sprinkled with dill. Yummy! I couldn't believe how much Hannah liked these. I didn't expect it.

Ahhh, fruit. Can there ever be anything wrong with a bunch of fresh fruit? Just askin.

Oh baby. These were the bad boys. Mushrooms stuffed with Italian sausage, onions and garlic sauteed in white wine, cream cheese, Parmesan cheese. Can we all collectively drool? If you don't like mushrooms. Poor you. I don't really either, but I've been getting more and more friendly with them lately and these really made me feel like a BFF. Get the recipe here.
Over all the food was awesome. We didn't have a huge crowd there, which in all honesty is great with me because I didn't know anything about the jewelry or anything. I have several requests for upcoming dinners and parties. I would love to do this all the time. Just with some one else's money. Yeah, that's it. Call me and I'll cook your food and throw your party. You just show up.
Good slogan, eh?
Have a super fun weekend. Tomorrow or one day following in the near future, I will post about my babies. I think tomorrow night we may head down to the beach to watch the grunian run. What's this you ask? It's apparently some sort of mating ritual for a certain type of fish. Fascinating stuff. I just know that everyone here flocks to go watch. Naturally I must do the same. I'm tryin' to fit in. Really I am. So, if I am there, I will take pics. Share them. And then write all about the experience. Hope we are lucky enough to see them. Now I'm all pumped. Have a good Saturday.


jenn said...

Hi--I found your blog from Angelica Grace designs! Very pretty blog design! I have enjoyed reading about your family! i also have a 5 month old--Andrew was born March 2nd. My Hannah is 7 years old and my other two are 11 and 4 year old. My girls enjoy using my scrapbook stuff too--isn't it fun to see what they come up with! I may never get caught up on scrapbooking! Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL food indeed. It all looks so yummy, especially the tomato/mozzerella.
Always looking forward to your posts! Love ya, MOM

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I didn't come. I wanted to, but... well, I'm a slacker. I can tell you worked hard and it looked beautiful.

mandijo said...

Oh the cucumber sandwiches and stuffed mushrooms have definitely caught my interest. It all looks so tasty!! I think I may have to try them out.