Thursday, August 13, 2009


What? You think that means "What Would Jesus Do"? Well, no it means, "What Would Scary Jesus D0".

Today I will go and take a picture of the most horrifying of all Jesus statues I have ever seen. My Pastor/friend took me to this Korean Catholic church last night to show me the scariest statue she had ever seen. I figured it would be a little creepy and she was just being dramatic.

She wasn't being dramatic.

First of all when you drive into the parking lot you are greeted by a white statue of Jesus with very BLACK eyes. For that I was remotely creeped out. It's like the baby section of Target. There is a baby picture above the aisle that Mallorie is totally creeped out by because she says it follows her. Well, scary eye Jesus totally does that.

Next thing you see when you look across this parking lot is two poles with a Jesus statue hanging between them. OH MY GOSH!!!! Total freak-out! It looks like what you would normally see in a Catholic Church, only on a cross. Not hanging between two poles like they just hung some one. I am going back tomorrow to take a pic. I assure you, you will have a nightmare. It's that bad.

We were at the beach yesterday. It was so pretty. The temp never even hit 80. It was also very, um, exciting. Now, I have been stung by a bee at the beach a few times and I know it hurts, but today a very "vocal" woman was stung. It looked like she probably stepped on the poor bee and was stung. She was screaming and could barely walk. A woman, presumably her friend, ran to get her help from the lifeguards. They come walking over, the woman is borderline hysterical at this point. I do have pity for her, well a little. Bee stings hurt, but not THAT bad! Anyway, she was just not stopping with the dramatics, so eventually several more lifeguards show up. Then the ambulance and fire truck get there (which by the way, gave my single friend a wonderful eye-candy kind of day). I know that the lifeguards had to call, just incase, but come on. How many tax payer dollars did that cost today? I have never laughed so hard or been more amazed at a grown woman acting like she had just been bitten by a shark. Oh, I am sure some of you might think I am being mean, but truly, it was pathetic. I hate to say it, and will probably regret it, but if she's married...poor guy! And before anyone says anything about how she may have been allergic, she wasn't. I was sitting right next to where all of this happened and could hear them talking to her. Trust me, once she calmed down, the pain was much easier to bear.

Okay, sorry. Just part of my day. Hope she doesn't read my blog. Doubt it. Pretty sure I have nothing to worry about.

Speaking of my blog. Did you know that this post marks #100. I can't believe I have written that many posts. I love writing them so much and while most of you probably don't laugh out loud with my ridiculous tidbits, please know that I do. They're always true and a part of my life that I find so funny that I feel that I must share them with you.

Things like my kids cutting their hair, my oldest daughter cussing, the fact that they tell me that I am in fact not fat at all (my personal fave) then they say something about my fat butt. Man, you've gotta love kids. They're just precious. Even if one of them says that Daddy is their favorite. Ouch. Whatever, I know who she'll run to when sweet ol' Daddy says no to an expensive pair of shoes. Me. And then I'll say no too. And laugh. Poor kid. Maybe he is her favorite for a reason.

By the way, I was talking about Hannah. The other night when we took them to dinner, she told us that Rusty was her favorite. She didn't give any reason or seem to care that I was on the brink of tears. She just so matter-of-fact said it. Honestly it makes me laugh so hard because she idolizes every single thing he does and ever did. If he jumped off a roof when he was a kid, then she thinks she should too. If he happened to suck his thumb for an extended number of years, then she should too. We have this argument atleast once every two months with Hannah. That just because Daddy did it, doesn't mean she should too. It falls on deaf ears. After this many years we have learned not to talk about Daddy's past too often. We don't want her to pick up any other fun/deadly habits. (ehemmridingbullsehem)

Mally's funnies are more quick witted. She always has a comeback or says something sarcastic. I know it's probably a gene she picked up from my family. It's not always a good thing and I am trying to teach her how to use this curse/gift to be funny and not hurt people. She also thinks very deeply and never keeps secrets from me, which I love. I hope she doesn't change from this. At this point in her life, she trusts my fully and I love that. I think if she could, she'd still sleep with me every night and be perfectly content to be homeschooled. Hannah on the other hand can't wait to get back to school to see everyone and get 4th grade started. Man, I am pretty sure she did NOT get that gene from me. I didn't hate school so much, but I was never excited to go back after summer vacation. I mean, who is??

Ava. Well, we're still figuring this one out. She's snugly. So far that makes her just like both of her big sisters. She's a blondie. Again, the same. Blue eyes. Ditto. The only thing so far that has really stood out to Rusty and I is that she is the easiest child so far. She created her own eat/sleep schedule. She eats whatever we give her. She handles the loudness of our house and she smiles so sweetly when we're all a little tense. I think it's safe to say, she fits in.

I bought Ava this on Tuesday night. So far she loves it and so do I. I just shove a piece of fruit in it and she goes to town. The first time I used it, I put pear in there and she really enjoyed it because it broke up easier. I put apple in it last night and she didn't enjoy it quite as much. I am just happy that she is getting fresh fruit and also feels like she is feeding herself. I also bought her a sippy cup and she played with it today and we put it to her mouth a few times, but she wasn't as interested in it. We'll do it again tomorrow and she what she thinks.

So, as a family we've started a new thing. As we've been trying to cut down on our spending we've tried pulling a few things from our budget. Eating out was one of those things. Now we get one night per week to go out somewhere. It has to fit with our budget for that week, for example, when rent is due, we don't go eat at the finest steak house in all of California. Another thing we decided to cut was our cell phone internet. Kind of sad about that one. I enjoyed checking facebook and email via my cell, but I'll live. I hope.

Going back to the not eating out, but once a week thing. I have been having so much fun cooking. I've discovered that given the right ingredients I can make one kick a..butt meal. Yes, I know, whatever. Anyway, I didn't know I had it in me. Mom, I love ya, but you used to drive me crazy when you would just mix everything together from the Hamburger Helper box without precisely following the directions on the box. Even though it would all turn out fine in the end, I couldn't handle the utter chaos of the meal preparation. I'm still like that, but now I am venturing out of my complete comfort zone of directions and have started making up my own recipes. One's that I hope my children's children will be talking about to generations to come. Dramatic? maybe. I get it from my Dad. (what? yes, I said it)

I think the next thing I am cutting will be my coffee from el Starbuckio. You would be surprised how addicted I have become this summer. I figured with the girls being with me all day that I wouldn't go. Uh, just the opposite. I go more now than I did while they were in school. Granted, I was pregnant much of that time and didn't drink caffeine, but you'd think I need AA for coffee drinkers. Well, I say coffee, but real coffee drinkers will laugh at my punie girl drinks. Whatever the case may be, I love the stuff and I am going to try to give it up and only drink tea or water from now on. You never know, I may even stop being as fat. It's been known to happen when you stop drinking sugar filled coffee drinks.

As I usually say on here, I have been trying to post videos of Ava's newest accomplishments, but I cannot get them to post. Grrrrr. I don't know why. I'm getting a bit aggravated by it. Hopefully I'll get this little issue fixed soon cause she's getting cute(er)!

I hope you have a great day today and I'm charging my camera for pics today with the girls.

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