Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Little of This, A Little of That

I'm so tired tonight, so this post won't be very long. Miss Ava is on a new system of wanting to eat every thirty minutes and sleep between each eating, which means I can't put her down for anything during the day. I know she is either not getting enough to eat or is going through a growth spurt. We'll see. I am not ready for another growth spurt, she's getting so big so fast! I know it'll pass soon, she's usually a wonderful eater and sleeper.

Today we took advantage of the free movie for kids during the summer. We saw a movie called Doogal. It was weird. It felt sort of like a Veggietales movie, but more popculture-ish. IF that makes any sense at all. I figured the kids hated it, so when I asked them at the end, they said, "It was way better than Up".


They're full of it! Up was such a good movie, and this movie had me falling asleep halfway through!

Okay, I'll get over it. I mean it was a kid's movie. So what if they thought it was better.

After the movie we headed over to a friend's house to swim at their pool. We got there around 12, ate lunch and then the kids swam until 5:15. They swam for over 4 hours. The even better part is that they had a blast and were in bed tonight by 10pm! Awesome. Tomorrow is beach day, but I think I'll pass. Even though I put sunscreen on them heavily and re-applied, they both burned. I think they should have a few days rest from the sun. I may have to invest in some better sunscreen. Last time it happened, I put sunscreen on them 30 minutes before we went to the beach and then again at the beach and they still got a burn. Maybe it's just crappy sunscreen. Or maybe it's just global warming.....bwahahahahahahahahahaha..okay, sorry, I just had to say it.

Hannah has been drawing a lot lately. She drew a picture for my dad. It's the King on Shrek 2. I didn't really think anything about it. She did a really good job. But then on the back she wrote, "He's still way older than you!". I think that is meant as a compliment. I can't stop laughing about it. She says it with a total straight face because to her, she's doing something really nice! I'll be sending it in the mail tomorrow, Dad.

I don't have any pictures to post today, sorry! I have been trying to post videos, but blogger just isn't uploading them. I have been waiting 30 minutes and still nothing was happening. Oh well, I'll take a bunch of pics tomorrow.

Oh, and I should be doing laundry right now. But guess what? There's a skunk outside. I keep smelling it. And guess what else. Our laundry room is outside. Well, you have to walk out the back door to get to it. I am NOT going out there. This skunk comes around at night for a few weeks at a time every year. Maybe it's not the same one, I don't know, but I am scared, scared, scared of getting sprayed by that sucker!

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