Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BIG Helpers

Wednesday we didn't go to the beach. They are getting too sunburned, too often and it scares me. So instead we went to the store and rented a couple of movies, came home and decided to start cooking. It was Mallorie's turn to help in the kitchen and let me tell you, she was a great helper!
She chopped celery and onions. (and decided we should have our own cooking show)

She learned about knife safety and how to chop an onion.

We sauteed the onions, celery, garlic and then added the chicken. Oh my goodness, it smelled heavenly! This was all in preparation for chicken and rice soup. It turned out so good. Well, I didn't actually eat it because I went to a Bible Study and ate there, but I did try it to make sure it was okay and I wish I could have just stayed home and ate this soup. YUMMY!

While Mallorie and I were cooking, Hannah took care of Ava. We gave her the first foods baby chicken. Yuck. She chewed on it for a second with the worst face and then just spit it all out. I don't blame her, it smelled disgusting. The girls tasted it and said it reminded them of tuna. Uh, no chicken I've ever eaten tasted like tuna. Poor kid.

Ahh! What's this???
Oh, it's just my poor kid completely covered in mosquito bites. They don't just form little bumps, they turn into giant whelps! They have a fever in them and are extremely hard and painful. We put Cortizone on them all day. It helps for a little while, but then it seems to wear off pretty quick.This picture doesn't do them justice, but they are humongous! She even got one on her face. Funny thing is though, no one else in the entire house had any bites on them. I know there was a mosquito in the house the other night, but I can't believe that one mosquito could do this much damage! She is doing great trying to leave them alone.

This last picture is a side view of her arm, just showing how mis-shapen her arm looks. It's kinda gross and I'm sure you can only imagine how much they must itch.
This creature sits above my sink in the kitchen. Mallorie was NOT being one of these today. She was really good, especially while she was being my kitchen helper!
She could have turned into this:
From the heat, I think we all could have been like this, but we tried very hard not to be.
Miss Ava was pretty good. She looks at everyone like this most of the time. I wanted to do an experiment of what it looks like when we talk to Ava. What she must see. How crazy we must look.
I put the camera on top of her head and snapped pictures of Rusty interacting with her when he got home from work. And, yes, that is her fuzzy yellow hair at the bottom of the picture.
Atleast he has a nice smile. Wait a minute, that smile looks just like Ava's! Yes, they are looking more and more alike every day.

Umm, this next one....we really look that crazy? I guess anything for a laugh!

How could you resist this face anyway? Especially when her big sister has been feeding her and there is food all over her face?

We got an email today saying she is dilated to a two. She and I texted this evening and she went to the hospital and they monitored her and she is not in Active Labor yet. So she is in labor, but not worth being at the hospital for. First babies tend to take forever!! Keep her in you prayers for a safe delivery. We are so excited to be getting our first nephew!

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sbeudy said...

Yay congrats guys. I will definately pray for her and the baby. What are they going to name him?