Friday, July 24, 2009

Babies x 4

A few new things to talk about!
Our new nephew is here!!! Tiana delivered a healthy 5lb 15oz boy Friday morning! His name is Tyler Brian and she says he has blond hair and blue eyes! I cannot wait to get my hands on this little guy! I cannot imagine what it must be like to give birth to a 5 pounder..I'm sure it hurts just like a fat little 8 pounder! We're all very excited. It was technically still Thursday the 23rd here in LA, so he'll have two birthdays from us. I can't wait to see some pictures and with their permission, I'll post some on here.

That's right, these people made a baby. Hope he's ok!
(I am sorry if you read this Tiana, I found the most hilarious, awful picture I could find of you both.)
Just kidding, I know he's gorgeous and will totally take after his Aunt Sarah, somehow, seeing as how we aren't blood related, but maybe I've rubbed off on Tiana after all these years. Better take that back, I want him to take after his Mommy and Daddy, they're wonderful, fun, smart and Tiana can totally kick Rusty's butt!

Second: I have started a new blog! It's Salty Chocolate Recipes. You can go have a look here. This is just a "for fun" blog that will be home to my recipes, new stuff, and hopefully, YOUR recipes! I want to post other people's recipes so that we can share and learn some new things to cook for dinners. Anything you can think of, I'll try it. Just email your recipes, I'll make sure and give you credit and post to your blog. Check it out and let me know if you like it.
Now, on to my baby. This is the second night in a row that I have put Ava in her crib while she was still awake and she put herself to sleep. I know this is how most people do this, but I am not most people. I am so proudhappyfreakedoutthankful that she is doing this. Mostly because it tells me that a)I'm doing something right with her & b)she really is a great baby! Did you catch that freaked out part? Well, I'm freaked out because I can't go to bed with her in there. I have to constantly check on her. It's killing me. I am so afraid something is going to happen and I won't hear her or know about it. I am a crazy mom and I am okay with that. Hopefully this will pass.

Ava drove us home from Texas. Can you believe that? Nah, we were just stuck in a traffic jam in the middle of the dessert. Umm, that happens all the time. There was a really, really bad car accident a few cars ahead of us and Ava was having no part of that carseat while we were sitting still.
Now on to my bigger baby. She and I took Ava to Target last night to walk around and buy a few can't live without items that we needed. You know, conditioner, leave in conditioner and laundry detergent. If I don't have conditioner, well, we can't brush Mallorie's hair. It's that simple people. Anyway, while we were there she zeroed in on a folder she wanted for school. It was Zach Efron. The apple of every elementary school girls' eye! And apparently, my seven year old sweetie has turned into a boy crazy lunatic! She also says she has dreams of marrying Cody Lindly(sp?). These are actors on Disney Channel shows. We don't even get the Disney Channel. Who knows where she sees him enough to have this big of a crush, but she does and she's not afraid to let you know all about it. She and Hannah also have decided how they want their weddings to be. Mallorie is getting married in Kansas in the winter time, preferably during Christmas. And she's getting married outside with a sleeveless dress on. I think we've romanticised Kansas so much that she thinks it a good place to be. I hate to burst her bubble on this one, but Kansas in the winter is C-O-L-D!!

My biggest baby is getting married in California. Outside. She wants her bridesmaids and groomsmen to dance down the aisle to music & her colors will be black and white. And she has requested that I wear something nice. Isn't that sweet?! I don't know what has been bringing all this up. They have been asking all kinds of questions lately. Things like: Does it hurt to have a baby? Does it hurt really bad to have a baby? Can you get married outside? Why are those two guys holding hands?

Yeah, got that one tonight from Mallorie at Target. Actually, first I got a look, then the question. It made me laugh.

I asked her if that was right or wrong and she said wrong. I said who says? She says Jesu. I said, you mean Jesus? She said, yeah, I just gave him a nickname.

Made me laugh.
Back to Hannah: She is so excited about school starting this year. She's ready for the fourth grade...Mally is not ready for third grade. She's scared to death. I think she's afraid because of all the trouble we had with Hannah when she started third grade. Hannah and I told her how great she'd be in third grade since she is such a good listener and she's a really good reader. I hope she does well. All the school supplies staring me in the face when I go to the store is getting me all anxious thinking about all the homework we're going to have! I will be taking them sometime this week to get their backpacks and then fill them with stuff they will hopefully use. One of the most important things the girls look for are their lunch boxes and backpacks. They already know what they want when we get to the store. So if we can't find it, well, it takes two weeks to find another one. Oh, this should be so much fun.
Well, I'm going to wait, twiddling my fingers waiting on a pic of my new nephew while I make Hannah and Mally scrub the kitchen floor. Or maybe the girls and I are baking cookies. Yeah, cookies sound like way more fun. I told them they could decorate them. I am trying royal icing this time with a new recipe for icing I found. I'll give you my report when I post some pictures. I love baking these cookies. I have a jewelery party in two weeks and I was wanting to make diamond ring cookies to serve, so I wanted to practice with this new icing. Also, it would be something I could make several days in advance and they would be good for the party. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a relaxing weekend.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely adore the pics of everyone! It's been an eventful year - babies & weddings. Hannah & Mallie were so grown up and pretty at Boo's wedding. I hope they enjoyed it all. Now for recipes, you need to post Nan's Chocolate Cake, my Texas Pecan Pralines and Grannie's Homemade Ice Cream. How's that for a sweet tooth?
Love your postings! thanks so much. I'll go see Tiana today & take a pic. Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Perceptive kids, eh? I adore the picture of Rusty on the glowing blue box.

Sarah said...

That would be my brother in law on the glowing blur box! Yes, they look earily similar, but he's not quite as crazy!