Saturday, July 18, 2009

Garden of Plenty

Today is so beautiful. It's breezy, but warm and sunny. To me, that's the perfect combo! Plus. And this is a big plus. I got to sleep in this morning, while my gardening staff slaved away out in the back yard!!!
Just kidding. Rusty, Hannah and Mally let me sleep in this morning with Ava and they created a garden. Ava and I were out really late last night, so we needed our beauty rest. Rusty said that when he went outside to start raking the girls got all interested and wanted to help. So they pulled weeds and helped him out.

Doesn't this next picture look like it needs to be from the old days and Rusty would need a cigarette in his mouth and a pack rolled in to his sleeve. It just reminds me of too many that I've seen just like this while looking through other people's family albums.
Here's the goods:
Yes, these signs are all homemade. Rusty worked really hard on each one.
Nah, it was Hannah and Mally. Hannah drew the Okra Cool and Corn. And Mallorie drew the two squash signs. Doesn't everyone call Okra, okra cool?

They also used my black glitter glue to glue the signs to the posts. And most of the posts were the tongue depressors I have their chores written on. I guess they were trying to be green. Reduce, reuse and recycle!
I don't know what Hannah wants to show us here, but her two incisors are loose, so I am going with that.
Just a pretty smile. Her eyebrows are already completely bleached by the sun this summer. I put so much sunscreen on both the girls the other day and they both burned at the beach.
Rusty also set up their pool this afternoon. I hope this is a source of fun for them this summer. They just love getting in the water and even though it's not deep, I am sure they'll have fun splashing each other. Today they were pretending that their family had all died from leukemia.
I have no words.
I don't know where they get their story lines. Most of the time they're homeless or living in an orphanage. It's all terribly dramatic. I'm just glad they aren't pretending to be pregnant or divorcing their husbands. Maybe then I'll panic.
Round 1: Mallorie in the right corner preparing to douse Hannah in the left corner. But Hannah is prepared to throw a right hook. She means business.
Mallorie joyfully looks over to Rusty and I happy to have defeated Hannah for only a minute!
After it was over Rusty handed me the hose. I am sure you can guess who got sprayed. I can't even believe he trusted me. We have about a 6ft fence around our backyard and Rusty jumped it. Too funny! I can't believe he did it, we all got a good laugh out of it.
One more thing. Ava rolled over today. Finally. I was so proud. She was in her crib taking a nap on her tummy and when she woke up, she rolled on over. I didn't even notice until I went back in there and thought, wait a minute, I put you on your tummy. Then I yelled and screamed and got her her all excited. I am so proud of her. Right now she's laying on her blanket in the floor eating her shirt.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Toooo cute! I wish I was there to watch the garden grow. I love okra and squash! Ava seems to be checking out her shoes..."what are these things on my feet?"
Great pics. thanks for keeping us up to date.
love you all MOM aka MiMi.

Olson Family said...

LOVE the stories...HILARIOUS... I can't believe their hysterical story lines....that is funny:)