Thursday, May 7, 2009

Springtime in LA

Maybe that title is feels like springtime in LA all year long, sorry for those of you who are apparently living in the the south and midwest right now during MONSOON MAY!! I just heard y'all are getting tons of bad weather.

I was looking up at the sky today wondering if any clouds were going to blow in and at first I thought I was seeing some, but then I noticed that it was indeed smoke. The high winds we are having here (Santa Ana's) are blowing the smoke all the way here from Santa Barbara. The fires there are so severe. We have them every year, but it's sad everytime. Especially when you see these beautiful homes people have worked so hard to build &/ buy.

After school Hannah had chorus practice. It's only 45 minutes which doesn't leave us much time to do anything so after I got gas in the car, Mally, me and Ava sat out front of the school and sung silly songs and laughed. Ava was about to pass out for her afternoon nap when I took this picture. She is such a little snuggle bug!

Mallorie was laying down and apparently had sun in her eyes. We listen to this radio station on XM Radio called Kid's Place Live. Well, there is a song that we just think is so funny. It sounds like "record player" music from the 40's if that makes any sense. Like the music from the old disney cartoons. I have to find this song on Itunes and download it.
UPDATE: I just looked up that song I am talking about. It is called Three Little Fishies and is by the Kay Kyser Band. Guess when it was done? 1939. Yes, that's right. I was almost right on the money. It's kind of Swing genre. Mallorie and I turn it up so loud everytime it's on and have so much fun listening to it. I wish they still made music like this.

When we got home the girls spent the entire evening playing outside. I tried to sneak up them to take pictures of them and Hannah bolted. I heard something about Unicorn blood, so I know it must have been a very magical scenario being played out. They always make me remember how my sister and I used to play. Our stories were always big deals. Barbie was always getting married, having children. It's a wonder her figure stayed as good as it did.

Oh, Hi Hannah. She was nice enough to pose for a picture. It's becoming harder and harder for me to get pictures of her. She's such a sweetie.

Got one of both of them, but oops! Mally's eyes are closed. I posted it anyway because it's not too often I get a smiling picture of them these days. Hannah was giggling because Mallorie grabbed her to take a picture.

She had to redeam her "closed eyes" picture.

Oh, I also wanted to show this. This was my present from my friend Merdie. It's a tea pot, cream dish & a sugar bowl stacked. From my favorite store, no less. (Anthropology) If I could afford it, my entire house woud be decked out in only their stuff. No, I am not joking. That is my style to the T. Clothes, too, but I can't wear them....I'm a little too, ummm. Curvy. Yeah. Curvy.

Okay, before you get scared from this next picture, please note: He took this of himself while I was watering flowers. I. Had. NOTHING. To Do with this picture!
This is scary.
Is this the look he gives me when he thinks he's being handsome? I'm pretty sure it is NOT. I'm not sure what this "look" is. I can't help but laugh as I look at this. Rusty is too funny. I bet he'll laugh really hard too when he finds out that I posted this picture.

Aww, much better. She's sitting in her Bumbo on the back porch. Rusty covered her in a blanket because the wind was getting a little fierce. I really needed to post this to get that last picture out of my head. What was he thinkin'?
So, everytime Rusty asked Ava what she did today, this is the look she gave him. A huge smile.
That is until we started filming. We couldn't stop laughing!

She already knows how to ignore us.

And yes, in the second video, Rusty does call her a butt. Meany.

Last night Rusty and I worked out together. He got home too late to go running, so we did one of my old cardio DVDs. It was some Power 90 program. It does make you sweat. It was very strange working out with Rusty, but not as bad as I thought it would be. We're so out of shape. But...the good news is that Rusty has lost about 15 pounds so far for this weight loss challenge he is in. He's not in first place at this point, but we still have about three weeks for him too lose a bunch more weight.

Hope you all have a good week. It's supposed to be warm here all week. Not that I'm complaining. I love it.

Ugh.. Hannah just walked by me for her third trip to the bathroom tonight. Poor kid must have a bladder the size of corn kernal. I even stopped her from drinking early tonight, but I gave them watermelon for dessert. That's probably what it was.

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I love reading your notes. Thanks ever so much for the pictures and updates on daily life in LA....MiMi