Monday, May 11, 2009

Random Pictures from the Week

Just a quick recap from the last week in pictures. I have been so tired I haven't been taking many or posting much. I have been staying up late at night with Rusty and feeling like a Mac Truck hit me when I wake up the next morning. Basically, I am getting too old to be able to get away with very little sleep!
Miss Hannah got sent home from school today with a fever. She had it last night as well, with a headache. I am not sure what is wrong. If the fever is still around on Tuesday I am going to go ahead and call her doctor. Sunday afternoon it was 102.2. Monday morning it was 101.8, and then Monday evening it was 101.2. Between taking her temp she gets Tylenol and the fever breaks and she feels completely fine. I don't know what to think, but obviously her body is fighting an infection somewhere.
Today in the car while I was feeding Ava before we ran into the store, Mallorie took a few pictures. Of herself. I always like the ones I find on my camera later. She's such a cutie.
Her freckles are my favorite. I always wanted freckles when I was a kid. So now my little look-a-like got them.
Cute little snaggle tooth smile. It won't be there for much longer. She's growing up too fast!
She also snapped a picture of Ava stealing my sunglasses. The sun was bothering her this afternoon, so she grabbed them off my face and insisted her big sister take her picture. She tried to look tough for this shot!
Later that night during her belly time this is the look I got. Awe. Don't you just love those fat cheeks and little lips with huge eyes. Such a good combo. We've been calling her the Rusty Sarah combo. Kinda like a combo meal, but we don't eat her. Even though I am pretty sure the amount of drool she's been producing could cease dehydration for someone suffering from said disease.

Sunday for Mother's day Hannah's dance team at church did a dance for all of us Moms. She loves doing this and has a lot of fun doing the recitals.
Friday after school Rusty took Hannah and Mallorie to play basketball at the park. They have been having so much fun doing this with Rusty lately. I don't expect them to become amazing basketball players from this time with Rusty, but they will have a lot of great memories from their time.
Here's Mallorie going for the layup.
And Hannah dribbling down low for a trick shot.

And here's Ava, doing what she does best. Looking cute with a huge smile on her face!

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Thanks again for the pics & update. Love you all MiMi