Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's a Windy Day in the Neighborhood

It's been so warm lately that while I water the lawn the girls like to ride their bikes back and forth getting completely soaked. I am just happy they are getting to enjoy the sunshine. This week they are having STAR testing, so that means no homework. I love them not having any homework, even if it is only for two weeks.
After their afternoon soak today they rode their bikes while Rusty jogged. They've gone with him a few times now and they love it. I love it too, since it makes them get some exercise and be sleepy and ready for bed at a decent time. Tonight, bed and asleep by 9!!

When Rusty got home from work he got some super snuggle time from a little munchkin we call Ava. She's sweet, but turned into an even more snugly sweety when Daddy got home. Seriously, she loves to snuggle up to Rusty.
Mallorie wanted to pose with Ava today (pre-soak), I didn't even know she looked like this until I uploaded the pictures this evening. They both look so happy, don't they? Too funny!

I thought this one was sweet. I couldn't get Ava to look at me, much less smile. So this is what we get. Notice her little legs, those are her "Baby Legs" legging things. She looks so cute in them. She got some before, but her legs were too short and too skinny....not any more! This kid has grown so much and doesn't show signs of slowing down any time soon. Tonight after her bath I was putting her lotion on and when I put her on her belly, she stuck her arms down and her knees and was in the crawling position. Of course she couldn't stay that way on her own, her head is still too heavy, but her arm and core strength is really impressive. She won't let anyone lay her back. If she's awake she wants to be sitting up or standing up all the time. She loves to watch everything around her. I've been carrying her in the baby carrier in the front facing position and she just kicks and gets so excited while I am walking around. This is really a fun age right now.

I was thinking to myself today that Rusty and I have entered into a whole new place in our marriage and it made me laugh out loud. It's called getting to the old fart stage. We have two "programs" that we watch every week. It's our "dates" for the week. Monday night it's House. Tuesday night it's Fringe. We aren't into reality TV or American Idol, even though we do occasionally watch bits and pieces, we are way more into the sci-fi fun of Fringe and the draaaammmmaaaa of House. Trust me, it's drama. And we love it. I remember when we were in Kansas, we watched X-Files, but this was a show I came into the marriage watching, so it didn't count. These two shows are our favorite things to do.
Do you have any shows you have to watch? I know if we had regular cable we would probably have 10 more shows that we watched constantly, so it's probably a good thing we only watch these two. If you haven't seen Fringe, I suggest you check it out...only if you like the sci-fi kind of shows. We are so sad/mad/devastated, that next week is the season finale. We just know they're going to leave us hanging. See what I mean, we're way too into these "programs". (please note: I keep calling them "programs" because that's what I always hear old men call TV shows & I think it further exaggerates my point of us turning into old farts)
Have a wonderful week and enjoy your programs. Rusty is off on Friday, so since we don't have a program to watch during the day, we are going to go walking and then POSSIBLY go to the movie theater to watch Star Trek. (or is it Star Wars?) Man, I am pathetic, maybe I should just go to bed and dream about next week when we can watch Fringe again!

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Olson Family said...

haha you sound about as about Star Trek as me...but Erik is wayyyy excited!!!

I can't believe how fast Ava is growing! Her baby legs are so cute!