Saturday, May 2, 2009

Silly Pictures and Video

Friday night I went to Bunco, and guess what. After two months of not playing (taking off for maternity leave) I WON!! Woohoo. We have so much fun and eat and visit and get a little too loud, but it is so worth it! Rusty babysat and when I got home Ava was fast asleep and happy as a lark. I think he is so much more at ease now that she isn't a tiny little newborn anymore.

Little Miss Ava is holding her head up so well these days. I thought you should see some proof. Here she is standing in her "excersaucer". She didn't seem to like it too much at first, but today she played in it for about 1o minutes. I took her out before she got fussy, just so I could put her down for her nap.
I thought these pictures were just sweet. Her little face is so chubby...those chubby cheeks make for the BEST kisses!
Look at these little legs. So cuuuuuttte!
Ummm, Hannah is a dork!! She is so silly. They had these little crackers after school for a snack and they couldn't just eat them. I couldn't show you Mallorie's picture, it was too nasty!! (seefood, you know what I mean!!)
They were getting a good laugh out of them & I guess that was what was important. Especially since we had a pretty busy week. I know I am pooped!
Friday morning, Mallorie recieved a Citizenship Award from her school. She has been thinking she wouldn't get one this year, but finally she did. She even let me straighten her hair for the occasion.This is a big, big deal. She never wants me to "fix" her hair.

I liked both of these, so there you go. She never smiles with her mouth open.

They take their pictures and hang them in the office for the month. She'll be so proud to go in there and see her picture.

I liked this pic too. I am so proud of her and for her. She gets very negative about things and it just breaks my heart, so when things like this happen she is just so happy.
This video is just sweet footage of Ava in her excersaucer smiling.Ava is starting to be so much fun and interactive. Hannah and Mallorie have so much fun with her.

Have a fun weekend. We might get rain, but I will have to see it to believe it. Either way, I am just going to relax all day tomorrow and get caught up on laundry and clean up the kitchen. It'll for sure make me feel better!

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