Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just A Thought

I bought organic diapers today because they were on sale and I have been wanting to try them out. They have no chlorine in them and I figure that might help with Ava's sensitive skin issue. (BTW, I am really looking into cloth diapers...but they do scare me just a little. The cleaning, etc, etc...) Plus they are supposed to decompose...yeah, like I'll ever find out, the label could just be saying that.

Anyway, these organic diapers aren't so great in the keeping the poop in the diaper if you know what I mean. Three times people, and twice they leaked! Gross. I know. Sorry. But maybe, just maybe, if they made them fit a little better and still kept the chlorine (& other yucky chemicals) out they would be worth the extra two dollars and fifty cents they usually cost. Maybe that's why they were on sale today at Tarjay. Just a thought.

And so ends my very important post. (I just had to get this off my chest)

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