Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some Pics & Some Updates (in reverse order)

Rusty's mom and sister are here for a long weekend and we have enjoyed having them so much. We took Rusty out to Joe's Crab Shack Friday night for his birthday where Hannah told them it was his birthday. They in turn made him wear a hula skirt, coconut bra and giant sunglasses and hula dance while we sang happy birthday. Thank goodness he is a good sport! It was cute and Tiana got pics for blackmail, so I will definitely have to get a copy of those.

Tonight we were at the pier after dinner walking around. Here is Trina holding Ava. She is peeking out of her blankets trying to see all the lights and figure out what everything was.

There were pelicans everywhere. They're always around, but rarely hanging out with all the people on the pier. And if they are on the pier, they're on the poles. When we saw a fisherman pull in a small fish tonight, the pelican went after that sucker fast! I guess they were all just hungry.It was fun anyway, the girls thought it was neat to see them so close.

What can I say about these two? They're just stinkers!
And, ugh, here's us two. I hate having my picture taken I always find exactly 2,109,872 things wrong with me in every one! Cheeks and nose too red, teeth not white enough, hair starting to look dirty, nose too big, lips too thin, etc.. But, I do love to take a picture with my hubby & my little Mally's fingers in the background so when I think back on this one someday I will remember reaching back during the picture and tickling Mallorie's little belly.

Also, I tried out that new eyeliner that is a marker by L'Oreal. It's awesome. It's going to take me a little practice to get it just right the first time I apply it, but I like that the corners of my eyes didn't smudge all day. It says it cleans off pretty easy so we shall see tonight when I take off my makeup.

During our day out we spent the day at Downtown Disney. I love going to Disney. We've only been to Disneyland once since we moved out here, but I enjoyed it so much and I know the kids do too. We finally got Mallorie some ears with her name on it. (well, NanaK did)She looked so pretty. Hannah wanted some, but she wanted the Nightmare Before Christmas CD more, so that was her gift from NanaK.
And, NO Becky, this jacket doesn't look familiar to you at all! It wasn't supposed to be sent to you a while ago with Mom and Dad or the mail.
Here is what Ava did the whole day. How can anyone complain about a baby being difficult if all they every do is sleep. I know a lot of women have it harder than me. I AM BLESSED!
Friday at school there was a Bike Rodeo. They have obstacles for them to attempt on their bikes. Hannah decided she wanted to participate and she did great. Trina and Tiana got to be there to watch. Hannah placed THIRD! I am so proud of her. I wasn't sure if she would do very well since she and Rusty didn't get to practice very much, but she did awesome! I think she only messed up on one station which had to do with making a sharp turn. Most every kid I saw messed up on that one though.
I love this shot that Rusty got. It was so cold that morning. Smarty me forgot my jacket, but at least Hannah had her sweater on. I may still be in the running for Mom of the Year even though I am pretty sure they kicked me off last week when I totally forgot to brush Mallorie's hair before school and improvised by taking out my own ponytail holder and pulling it into a low ponytail and clipping her bangs back. Classy!
I think she looks so grown up in this picture. She refused to look at me for a picture. She is much to awesome for me. I still get a kiss every morning when I take them to school, but a picture. Forget about it!
Have a good rest of the weekend. I am going to church in the morning and then going to enjoy the 80 degree weather at the beach with my girls and Rusty and my in laws. You can't beat warm weather, sand and surf!

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Anonymous said...

I love how detailed your little updates are. I usually just ramble about whatever I'm obsessed with at the time. Love Mallorie's ears!