Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quick Update

As I am sitting here writing this blog I am rejoicing that I got Ava to fall asleep in her bed by herself!! YAY for me. I haven't really been trying to do this a lot, but I want her to be taking at least her naps in her own bed so that she doesn't think I have to be holding her just so she can rest. I put her in there with her paci and a "softy" and she is in there sleeping. Oh, and I am playing a cd of Classic Disney Lullaby Music. I love it for myself, so soothing. I MIGHT try to put her in there for bed at night, but I haven't fully decided that yet. I enjoy her being with us and I know it won't last forever.

Monday the girls and I went whale watching along with Trina and Tiana. It's the end of the season, so we didn't see any whales,but we did see sea lions in abundance and krill. Plus the water was the calmest you can imagine, it was a perfect day to go out on the ocean with pregnant lady and a new baby. I don't know what Hannah's deal is, she looked like this in all her pictures. She thinks she's too cool for me these days. I wish she would figure out that the cooler you try to look the worse you end up looking! (I had to figure that out the hard way)
See what I mean?

Tiana and Mallorie while we were still docked at the marina. See that little belly, that is Tyler...awww. He'll be here in four months or so and we can't wait to meet him. Ava sat on him a few times so he'd know who's boss when he gets here.

Both Hannah and Mallorie fell asleep on the boat while on the water. It was so relaxing that I even have to admit I was beginning to nod off at the end too. Ava spent the whole trip in her front carrier and slept the whole time except for a little stretch when she decided how hungry she was. No probs, I popped a bottle in her mouth and she was happy!

Later that night:

Monday night, not such a great night, though equally as entertaining

You know when everything is going wrong, the baby is screaming, everyone is stressed, no one can do anything right & you are just physically exhausted. Well, all of that combined last night as we were going out to celebrate my birthday really stopped us all in our tracks. We were at the mall parking lot last night headed in to Lazy Dog for dinner waiting behind a car that was waiting on a parking space. I was mad at Rusty for not just going in and parking in the parking garage because Ava was screaming and needed to be held. Our parking lot is always a mad house and I just never try to park out there in the evenings. While we were waiting an older lady next to our car started pulling out. We couldn't move out of her way so we honked, and honked and honked. She didn't stop. I knew it was coming and knew she wasn't going fast enough to hurt any of us so I just braced myself for the impact. I know she felt bad, poor lady. Thankfully we weren't in my car, but in one of Toyota's fleet vehicles, so it will all be taken care of without us having to do any dealings with her insurance, but still you don't want it to happen. In the meantime I got Ava out of her car seat and tried to get her to fall asleep, with no success may I add.

Her car:

No denting...and may I add that both ends of her bumper looked just like this. I don't think we were the first things she has backed up in to.

Our car:


Well, the nap in her crib didn't last more than 15 minutes, but that's okay. Point was, she fell asleep all by herself. Right now she's back in my arms, snuggling as usual. Don't get me wrong I LOVE it, but I know I am doing her and myself a disservice by not having her sleep in her own bed.

I am going to take some Easter pictures of her and Hannah and Mallorie this week. It's so windy today that I think it would be too hard to take any good ones. I still have the basket I used for Hannah and Mallorie, so I will try to get a basket picture of Ava too.

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