Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lots of Pics

From the last blog posting I talked about some pretty sweet little cankles and chubby baby legs. Well, here they are:

So Sweet!

I also wanted to let you see her hair. It is still prety long and full,just more blonde on top now. The back is still full dark hair!

Every afternoon as I am getting ready to cook dinner, Ava starts fussing so I have started carrying her around in the front sling just so I can get dinner prepared. She loves it and falls right to sleep.

Looking at this picture, I just want to ask her, "Why so serious?"

This little girl always gives the most stern looks.

Now on for a funny group of pics. Today when I was putting her in the car I noticed that she was watching me very close which tells me she is getting ready to start interacting. I knew I would get a good smile out of her.
Here is how we start. (And these are in order.)
First, I just get the staredown...

Next, Ava wanted to show off her sweet bubble blowing skills. They're so impressive!

What's that, Mom? Oh, you want me to smile...

Okay! (sorry for the blur, she gets so excited and kicks like crazy when she is smiling) I love this little girls smile!!

I love this little girls smile too! They were outside this evening riding scooters and watering my flower beds.

Hannah was telling me one of her WHOPPER stories today about how she can climb "pretty much any tree ever"! I love her whoppers.

Have a great week and hope you enjoyed all the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha "pretty much any tree ever"
So silly. I love your photos and children when they aren't burping at me (only Hannah does this though).