Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Check-In

Well, I let the cold get me, and though I am not happy about it one little bit, I must say that it isn't as bad as it could be. Just a runny nose and a bit of an annoying cough. Ava and Hannah seem to be the only ones who are not going to catch it. Thank the Lord!!

This weekend we started a weight loss challenge with a group of friends, which I have already had to pull out of because I am breastfeeding and after doing a lot of research have learned it isn't recommended for breastfeeding moms to "diet".One of the things that can happen are your milk production to decrease if I don't eat enough calories. And I absolutely think that the way I feed Ava is one of the most important things I can do right, it's free! So what I am going to do is continue to compete but without putting my money in the pot. I don't figure there is any good reason for me to pony up $50 if I'm definitely not going to win, but I do want to be held accountable for losing weight.I am walking every day at least a mile and just adjusting my eating to smaller portions and no soda. Not hard really, I had already been doing this in my pregnancy. Rusty is competing and even though he isn't very big at all, he is taking this challenge very serious!!He's gone so far as to quit drinking Pepsi! *gasp* He is extremely competitive!

Our niece, Bugs, sent us a Flat Stanley in the mail. So this weekend we went to the beach and took pictures for her. Sadly while here visiting us on the west coast, Stanley suffered a broken arm while playing at the beach. We're hoping a minor surgery of masking tape for a cast will prepare him for his trip back to Paris. We'll keep you updated on this very important surgery!

Hannah and Mallorie were super mad at us for not taking quarters to the beach so they could stay and play in the sand. It's not like we never go to the beach, it's only a few miles away from the house. Oh, wait, I forgot, we haven't been to the beach in about 6 months. I guess that they probably did have good reason to be mad.

Ava was jealous and wanted her picture taken with Flat Stanley so Daddy obliged.

This week my MIL & SIL are coming out to visit Ava for the first time and to celebrate Rusty's and my birthday. I am inching ever closer to thirty. Mom. Dad. Does this make you feel old? hahaha

I think we will head outside to take some pictures before it gets to cool this evening. I want to show everyone Ava's neck strength (she is holding her head up so well) and her unbelievably chunky thighs. These things are the most amazing and precious things on earth. Also, she has *giggle, giggle, snort* cankles. Oh dear they are sweet. And one more think you need to see: she is starting to look more and more like her MOMMY! Yeah! I win again, for now anyway. (Next week we'll probably start to see another Rusty trait.)

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ashley said...

why do you have to take quarters to the beach?